Return Path to Eden


A message from the Sounds of Silence

(all about karma, and much more; and why it’s wise to fast and meditate)


(Honest people may comprehend this.)


The following discourse is based on a 35-year study of the Aquarian Gospel.



A report (and book review) by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!


God has given us a new book of Scripture:
 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911)


The Aquarian Gospel is the book that reveals God to the world (during these times of Revelations),

and this publication unveils our relationship with our Father, and clearly explains His plan of salvation. 

Read carefully.


Christ was recognized as a son of God by only a few 2,000 years ago, and likewise, during present times,

the book that reveals the mystery of Christ to the world is recognized and understood by only a few.

But soon all will comprehend.  The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.

Who has ears to hear, let him hear.


The great mystery of life: it’s all about maturation of souls.

We all are divine offspring, and we all must attain maturity.  The story of Jesus’ life is our example of a mature soul.

He knew about The Greatest Paradox:  He who restrains himself is free.  He knew that Heaven is not a place;

it’s a state of mind – requiring extensive, constant effort to achieve (and maintain).

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of Man shall never die.”



The Good News


(What I learned during my 35-year study)


Traditional Christian doctrine teaches that God became a man (by incarnating) as the person known as Jesus of Nazareth.  Actually, it’s the other way ‘round.  Jesus was a wise and holy man who became one with God.  His soul merged with the Holy Spirit.


Jesus had attained maturity of soul (during many previous incarnations), and during his final incarnation (as a Jew,  2,000+ years ago), he became a full-grown, totally mature offspring of our Father.  [And he implores us to follow him, because our Father wants all his children to attain adulthood of soul, and Jesus’ duty was to teach us (youthful souls) how to achieve this kind of maturity; he is simply our elder brother.]


As a mature deific descendant (unified with our Father), Jesus received his natural inheritance – full access to the three divine attributes: power, wisdom and love. 


Because of his access to these heavenly traits, Jesus became indistinguishable from the Divine, and our Father could speak and act through him.  This is perfection.  And this is what we all (children of God) are destined to attain.   (Jesus leads the way.)  We can do this because we experience many incarnations in the earthly realm and we are always learning. 


However, our natural maturation process is long, gradual, and difficult, and we learn slowly.  [And there are many snares and pitfalls on the road of life; and foolish mistakes (sins) can cause one to lose ground, to slide backwards on the journey to maturity.  One can backtrack this way a little or a lot.  For example, those who choose to live very sinful lives (such as proud, dishonest hypocrites and murderers) can lose all the ground (all the soul-maturity) they had achieved during hundreds of previous incarnations.]


Jesus came to show us the way, and he came to tell us how to avoid all the perilous snares and pitfalls on our lengthy journey to perfection.  He said, “I am the way.”  He said, “I am your brother-man, just come to show the way,” …”you may follow me,”  ...and “you must always be vigilant.”  His life is our example of human perfection, which we all must attain.  (And we all will.)


Jesus explained that, as divine offspring, we all are eternal spirit-beings; and we all experience many, many incarnate lives – all filled with learning opportunities; and therefore, every human being is destined to learn and grow, and eventually (and finally) achieve full soul-maturity, and to become one with God, and inherit the three divine attributes.  (Simply stated, we all are ordained to eventually achieve human perfection! …like Jesus.)  We have no place else to go.


He taught that all our successive incarnations provide us with opportunities to make decisions.  Correct decisions cause beautiful, symmetrical growth of soul; whereas, wrong decisions cause us to slide back, and cause wayward, ungainly growth of soul. 


However, a person who makes a wrong decision is given opportunities to make the same decision again and again and yet again, until he gets it right – re-establishing appropriate soul-growth.  Unfortunately, some insist on making poor decisions over and over, and seldom take advantage of opportunities to get it right.  These souls are sure to experience the purifying fires between incarnations, where all wayward growth of soul is burned away, so that the next incarnation can be a fresh start (a new beginning).  And this is how we learn and grow, and eventually (and finally) achieve full soul-maturity.  (The purifying fires are difficult to endure.)  (The repetition of decision-making opportunities explains many Déjà vu events.)


And when a soul has finally achieved full maturity, this person will incarnate again, somewhere within infinite time and space, and do and say everything Jesus said and did (on a world somewhere in our Father’s unbounded universe!).  This is each soul’s final incarnation.  This is our ultimate destiny!  And this long, long journey constitutes the Return Path to Eden.  (Few at a time achieve this.)  Yet, as children of our Father, we have indeed, no place else to go.


God’s plan is revealed!


Yes, His plan is revealed  --  during these times of Revelations.


And now (finally) we can fully comprehend the profound meaning of Jesus’ words, “you may follow me.”


One may ask, what about women’s roles? ...How do women become perfect?  Answer: Jesus’ soulmate, Miriam, became perfect along side of him, as she stood at the base of the cross and wept, while her heart forgave the ignorant brutes who directed and carried out Jesus’ awful execution.  (Furthermore, it may be possible for a soul to sometimes incarnate as male and sometimes as female.)


Jesus’ life, depicted in the Aquarian Gospel, shows us how to make great strides toward soul-maturity.  This book shows us The Way.


[There is a new, easy-to-read version of the Aquarian Gospel at the jaggoon website, and more commentary at this site.]


Each one of us always receives a continuous stream of opportunities to advance on the path to maturity.  But as children, we resist growth; we like the carefreeness of immaturity.  Thus, we tend to avoid making decisions that promote maturity.  Growth of soul requires difficult, unselfish decision-making (regarding self-control, decency, responsibility and service).  We don’t want to make these hard choices.  We would rather retain the ignorant bliss of youth – to be free of adult, divine-like responsibility – free to indulge in the fun, folly and pleasures of immaturity. 


We are strongly addicted to physical pleasures, and to all and foolish distractions the world has to offer.  These obsessions impede soul-development and maturation.


Immaturity of soul presents us with an awful problem: we have no peace.  We experience constant episodes of depression, irritability and restlessness, and all kinds of distress and misery, and numerous prejudices, misunderstandings and mistakes – all of which can degenerate into conflicts, hatred, violence and warfare; and we are also prone to accidents and diseases which eventually lead to death.  However, anyone who strides toward divine maturity (by making the difficult decisions – traveling the straight and narrow path) is blessed; and (if he persists), he eventually experiences inner tranquility, perfect health and peace of mind….  (even if evil men rebuke and condemn.)


He achieves immortality!  (When this happens, what looks like death is merely a passing on, to greater achievements.)   (Matheno described this kind of death as he taught young John, who later became known as the Baptist - chapter 15, vs 3)


After one has achieved the goal of maturity, such a soul can endure physical abuses administered by evil men – without experiencing pain; and can even suffer death at the hands of such evil ones; and can self-resurrect!  (Everyone’s Destiny!) – Jesus was our elder brother, and he showed us that this is possible.  He came to Earth just to show us the possibilities of man. 


He demonstrated how one can use the powers of God (including the power of self-resurrection).  Yet, only a few at a time develop the strength to travel this difficult, straight and narrow path. 


[Judgement day will be a time (soon) when all those who have strived to live according to The Word (living unselfishly and honestly) will be separated from those who have lived selfish, dishonest and evil lives.  The former will be admitted to the Aquarian Age – a kind of school where men and women will learn much, and make great strides toward soul maturity and live in peace; whereas the latter will be barred, and experience cleansing of soul in the purifying fires, and will then be sent on, to incarnate into primitive worlds where there is little chance for enlightenment, and where there are constant misunderstandings, diseases, griefs – and warfare,….and where evil brutes establish governments of iron rule – enforced by the sword. 


There, by the law of karma, they will experience all the evil deeds and words they ever dished out.  Yet, eventually (after eons have passed), these souls will be given new opportunities to choose truth, kindness and righteousness – and the straight and narrow path   …and, ultimately, be redeemed, when another day of judgement happens.] 


All this is possible because God (our Father) owns eternity.  And we are indeed His children – His descendants.


(Jesus described what the world will be like as his return and judgement day approach – see chapter 157, vs 21-42)


We desperately want peace, security and serenity, but most of us resist making the difficult decisions that bring us this state of mind (which some spiritual teachers call “nirvana”).  Jesus taught his disciples how to make the important unselfish, difficult decisions, by overcoming the appetites and desires of the body – through fasting, meditation and prayer.  He taught them how to reside in The Silence  (which is deep, prolonged meditation.)


He also taught that: when evil men abuse you, you must make the difficult decision to forgive them.  Instead of seeking retribution (or bringing them into court), he said, “just pray for those who trample on your rights….  they are children at play.  They know not what they do.” 


Many followed his advice, and many attained nirvana. 


Jesus, a mature soul, experienced total inner peace, and no physical suffering – not even during his cruel execution.  Utilizing the divine mind, he was able to block the pain and agony that evil men attempted to inflict.  Furthermore, his foes (immature, irresponsible souls) could not take his life until he handed it over to them.  Then he demonstrated that physical life is transitory: that a completely mature soul has access to divine power, and can thereby experience the brutalist kind of physical death (overcoming fear), and can self-resurrect.


He could do all this, because death is an illusion!  Indeed, all the appetites, passions and desires of the physical body are illusions, and he who overcomes them becomes one with God, and lives forevermore in Christ; and our Father can speak through such men and women.  And these blessed souls can teach immature souls how to overcome our addiction to the physical pleasures, distractions and emotions, and thereby find peace, liberty and tranquility.  


This is how the word of God comes to lost souls.  Some of the lost hear the word and embrace the precious knowledge, and strive to overcome (advancing toward maturity and heavenly tranquility), while others hear the word and scoff, heaping ridicule upon the messengers of truth, and still others become enraged, and seek to kill our Father’s emissaries.


Even these angry evil ones eventually realize, however, that they must change their ways, because we all reside in eternity, and within eternity, each one is given an unlimited number of incarnations, until he finally makes The Decision… thereby embarking on the path to maturity, which eventually and ultimately leads to perfection.


The plan of Salvation is revealed!  (…during these times of Revelations.) 


The Aquarian Gospel (the story of Jesus’ life) explains how all this is possible

During these times of Reveal-ations, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ finally and completely discloses these truths, and much more.  Jesus was a very extraordinary man – so dedicated to love, kindness, honesty, and personal responsibility that his mind and his will became fully synchronized with God’s mind and will. Thus, his soul mingled with the divine spirit (becoming indistinguishable from our Father)  This is soul-maturity.  This is son of God. This is Christ !!


And all of us are destined to achieve this!  Thus, now and forevermore, each of us must do his best, now (and during each subsequent incarnation) until perfection is attained.  The lord said to many, “you may follow me.”  To many others, he did not say “you may follow me.” 


And when asked about the brutality and dishonesty of many priests, judges, senators and presidents (and their cohorts) who oppress the weak and poor, and slaughter truth, decency and liberty, Jesus simply said, “Be not concerned with the governments of men.”… …”just love one another as I have loved you.” …conscious of the fact that, “he who conquers self is freethese men present themselves as just and righteous and thereby “they clothe themselves in skins of sheep, while they are vicious wolves.” “Let all these men alone; they are blind guides; they lead a multitude of people who are blind. The leaders and the led together walk; together they will fall into the yawning pits” (difficult and painful deaths) …and then they will enter the “purifying fires,” where souls are cleansed.  (This purification is excruciating.)


He also said that nothing blights the soul worse than hypocrisy, and therefore, the scorching purification process of the souls of deceptive, evil people (hypocrites) is extremely long in duration, and awfully difficult to endure.  Therefore, he indicated, instead of resenting hypocrites, we should pray for them.


“Lawyers are tumors on the body of the state.” 


Traditional Christian doctrine teaches that God became a man (by incarnating) as the person known as Jesus of Nazareth.  Actually, it’s the other way ‘round.  Jesus was a wise and holy man who became one with God.  His soul merged with the Holy Spirit.


He had attained maturity of soul (during many previous incarnations), and during his final incarnation (as a Jew,  2,000+ years ago), he became a full-grown, totally mature offspring of our Father.  (And he implores us to follow him, because our Father wants all his children to attain maturity, and Jesus is simply our elder brother.)


As a mature deific descendant (unified with our Father), Jesus received his natural inheritance – full access to the three divine attributes: power, wisdom and love. 


Because of his access to these heavenly traits, Jesus became indistinguishable from the Divine, and our Father could speak and act through him.  And this is what we all (children of God) are destined to attain.   (Jesus leads the way.)  We can do this because we experience many incarnations in the earthly realm and we are always learning.  However, our natural maturation process is long, gradual, and difficult, and we learn slowly.  [And there are many snares and pitfalls in life; and foolish mistakes (sins) can cause one to slide backwards, a little or a lot.]


Jesus came to show us the way.  He said, “I am the way.”  He said, “I am your brother-man, just come to show the way,” …”you may follow me,”  ...“always be vigilant.”  His life is our example of human perfection, which we all must attain.  (And we all will.)


The Aquarian Gospel (the story of Jesus’ life) explains how salvation and maturation are possible.



God's Garden


Christ is granted access to all divine powers, and so Jesus was able to instantly cure disease and injury, calm violent storms, and even raise the dead.  He became virtually indistinguishable from God.  And he taught that we too (by following his instructions) can learn to live a holy life, and eventually become adult sons and daughters of God. (His vocation in life was to guide and teach us, his younger brothers and sisters.)


He advised that attaining Christhood is difficult, yet all human beings are capable of this, and indeed, we all (without exception) will eventually achieve this, because of who we are.


We are divine offspring.  We all experience continuous opportunities to achieve divine maturation.  Eventually we all respond appropriately.  Neglect of these opportunities constitutes sin.  And the wages of sin are distress, discord, disease, and all kinds of misery and restlessness (both physical and mental)… and finally death. 


When we stop sinning, we continuously mature, and we gradually enter a very peaceful state of existence, where misery and death are no more.  Thus, the lord said, “He who believes this gospel of the son of man shall never die.”  (Because he who believes is compelled to come up to the feast!)


To summarize, in The Aquarian Gospel, Messiah reveals (to all who can comprehend) this fundamental truth: Within eternity, God is not limited – He can provide each and every divine offspring with an unlimited number of incarnations – until each one finally makes the decision that leads to adulthood of soul – the decision to become kind, honest, gentle, and compassionate (and self-controlled); and to become forgiving of those who are not yet aware that they must make this fundamental decision.


This is the essence of our Father’s plan.  Thus,….


( maturation happens! )




Even the cruelest, evilest, most disgusting brute eventually realizes he has been traveling in the wrong direction, and he (or she) makes the all-important, essential decision, and thereby begins the long, difficult process of turning around. How can this be?...


Jesus clearly stated that our Father never created a heaven or hell for us, but we create our own.  We always reap what we have sown:  whatever one person does to another always rebounds, and eventually the same is done to him.  In this way, we create our own heaven or hell (or a mixture of the two).  This law of Karma never fails. 


They who are always honest, kind and compassionate (creating blessed karma) will find their life filled with these pleasant things; and, if they refrain from selfishness and indulgence, as they perform their daily tasks, they experience heavenly peace and joy; and eventually, they are granted access to information that significantly accelerates soul-development. 


Conversely, evil brutes who steal, harm, kill and make war (creating evil karma) will find their life filled with these awful things.  And this is hell.  And such torment can continue for many incarnations.  And so, “He who takes up the sword shall perish by the sword,” (many times !!) before he finally makes the decision to turn around.  Thus, ancient spiritual teachers described hell as: like being tortured in an everlasting fire.  (These teachers were also aware of the unpleasant purifying fires that selfish souls experience between incarnations.)  Yes, “war is hell,” and he who decides to enter the awful inferno is stuck there for a long, long time.


Jesus explained, however, that there is a way out of hell.  When we forgive mistreatment and wickedness, we make amends for wrongs we once committed (before we learned to become kind, compassionate and forgiving).  On the way to maturity, we must make amends for all the wrongs we ever committed.  Thus, forgiveness must become a habit; and this is how one may find his way out of hell. (Mystics have taught, “Blest are the merciful.”)


It’s no longer a mystery… now we can understand why good people sometimes experience painful, tragic and brutal circumstances.  Karma always comes home.  Some karma travels a short loop and thus may return in only a few months or years.  Some karma is ancient, and has been traveling a great loop for thousands of years.


When evil karma returns to its source, this is that person’s opportunity to make amends – through forgiveness.  However, a person’s free will is never abrogated; and so, one is always free to choose unforgiveness (to retaliate and seek retribution).  One who makes this unfortunate choice has merely dug himself deeper into hell; and he (or she) must wait for new opportunities to make amends (through forgiveness), and thereby begin climbing out of the awful nightmare.


And this is why it is wise to worship our Father.  God extends his mercy to each one of us (in the form of opportunities to make amends) over and over, and over again (eternally !!)… until we finally choose to follow the advice of wise teachers (to forgive all evil deeds).  This is how we make amends.  This is how we are forgiven.  By forgiving those who deliver us our karma, we forgive ourselves!  (And God cannot forgive us until we have forgiven ourselves.  This is His law.)


[When we see an evil brute decapitate a living prisoner in the desert, we need to be aware that we witness one soul receiving old karma – as he receives an opportunity to make amends - through forgiveness, and we simultaneously observe a foolish man create his own evil karma.] 


When evil foes seek to slay maturing souls – Christ’s ambassadors, these blessed teachers are protected by divine powers at their disposal, and not one of them can be killed; unless, like Jesus, one of them hands over his (or her) life to the emissaries of evil.  Such are the dynamics of God’s plan of Salvation.  All the world truly is a stage, and the grand drama (of good vs evil) ultimately results (within eternity) in the salvation and deification of every human spirit. 


But woe to those who have chosen to be evil – and play roles of Evil.  They are condemned to experience an extensive conflagration of unbearable karma (groping about in the darkness of unawareness of karmic dynamics) before they eventually conclude (when their sense of compassion finally emerges) that they must make the essential decision which enables them to eventually work their way out of the inferno, and become good – and play roles of Good (within our Father’s never-ending, eternal dramatic story – within His story… History). 


And now, we can know why some cultures experience constant episodes of warfare and some are more peaceful.  Souls which reside within a karmic hell (of violence, murder and warfare) are often born into the same culture together, and they experience their karma together (as co-combatants, or opposed to one another – on opposite sides of a conflict).   


Peaceful people need to be vigilant. Misery loves company: warlike cultures often try to convince peaceful people to join them in hell. [These emissaries of Evil try various devious ways to convince peaceful men and women to adopt force and violence (the sword) as a way to resolve differences.]


We can now understand why (after a nation has experienced multiple brutal invasions) certain areas, towns and households were untouched by the devastating violence, while others bore the brunt of it.  It all depends on where souls who carry war-karma reside.


And we can now fully understand why Jesus said (after ignorant brutes drove nails into his wrists and feet), “Father, forgive these men; they know not what they do.”  He knew these men were creating terrible karma for themselves, while the priests, scribes, Pharisees and vicious mob (who, together, orchestrated the awful event) created excruciating karma for the Jewish nation (a curse spanning from Masada to Warsaw and Auschwitz, and only recently seems to be finally dissipating). 


[Rejection and murderous abuse of a Messiah creates the harshest kind of karma that can be created.  A Christ is sent into the world only once each 20 centuries.  We can expect to see his return in the flesh sometime this century.  But beware, Jesus warned that near the time of the Christ-announcement, many false prophets and fake christs will appear in many lands, and some will display astounding works, and thus many people (both wise and unwise) will be deceived.  Before the genuine Christ-announcement happens, intense violence and warfare will be rampant.  Yet this sudden, unexpected announcement will mark the end of warfare on Earth, and soon thereafter, Judgment Day will occur.  Prepare.]


[Those judged worthy (those who strove to be honest, kind and compassionate) will be whisked away to a sacred, heavenly school – to learn all about how to accelerate their soul development (and become Christ-like)….  Two man may be asleep; one will be taken and one will be left.  Two women may be at work; one will be snatched away, and the other left.]


Thus, Judgment Day will be a cleaving of the human race.  Half will be taken to the school of Christ, and half will not be admitted.  The unfortunate ones must wait for the next Judgment Day – which will not occur until the ages roll again, and after approximately 14 billion years have elapsed.


Every child of God (even the evilest) eventually recognizes the wisdom in forgiveness, and thus begins climbing out of misery.  Forgiveness is much more valuable than revenge; and this is why an ancient prophet advised people not to pursue punishment of evil men, uttering these words, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” (advising them to just pray for unenlightened perpetrators of evil, and let God’s law of karma provide perfect justice.)  (…and “rejoice not over fallen foes.”)


After a man has finally extricated himself from hell, he can begin climbing the ladder that leads to adulthood of soul (by living a kind and compassionate life and by teaching others “the way”).  Eventually he can be called Son of Man, for he has evolved to perfection – becoming a Son of God (and a perfected woman becomes a Daughter of God).


As God’s very own Children, what else could be our destiny?


Jesus also explained that human perfection is normal, not strange; and we who have not yet achieved soul-maturity are in an abnormal condition (as a result of the fall of man), and the process of regaining our lost estate (and re-establishing perfection) is long and difficult.  Yet we must achieve this salvation.  We have no place else to go. 


[He also challenged the thinking of racial bigotry, and then told a parable designed to explain why God allows human souls to manifest in different colors; and he went on to affirm the equality of all human beings.    See chapters 24 and 25.]


Yes, "Just pray for those who trample on your rights," is the advice Jesus gave to those who would follow him.  And we must "rejoice not over fallen foes," but remember them in our prayers, for they are sure to be given opportunities (as they reap what they have sown) to make better choices (again and again and yet again – eternally) until they finally choose to become kind, forgiving and compassionate – in their long, long trek to perfection (within unbounded eternity). 


Meanwhile, in our own long trek, we must be vigilant not to fall into selfish, sinful ways ourselves, and we can now read the new book of scripture – the sacred text that reveals many secrets which help us along the way.


Jesus entered this world with a clean karmic slate.  His life is our example of human perfection.  He leads the way.  He is our example what all men and women are capable of becoming (and indeed, will become), when each has completed his own long voyage to perfectness.  Miriam (Jesus’ co-laborer) is our example of female perfection.


The Aquarian Gospel contains a very comprehensive account of Jesus’ life (and part of Miriam’s), and this new scripture includes the instructions and commands Jesus gave his disciples (those men and women who recognized his oneness with our Father-God).



One can achieve soul-maturity by following the path Jesus walked, and if you comprehend this, you may be ready to walk the


Return Path to Eden


Be steady.

hear the quiet, silent, still, small voice,

look beyond the misty veil,


walk through, if able.
survey unwavering slender luminous trail,

(path so narrow, straight as an arrow),

stride on, come upon mystery table,
clasp golden cup,

and sup,


Drink from the Holy Grail


the information presented here is more valuable than a vast goldmine, and if you comprehend this, you have been blessed, for you now

sip from the cup of wisdom. most people(of the world) are oblivious to this priceless understanding, and most do not care to know.

who was Jesus the Christ?  He was man, a child of God (as are we), and He had achieved full maturity ---- (adulthood of soul).

He had grown, to become like our Father, all wise, all loving and all powerful, after a great many incarnations of learning.

our Lord said he is simply our elder brother, and by following Him, we too are capable of attaining soul-maturity.

leading the way, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, showed us how we may save ourselves, by overcoming.

we must conquer our addiction to all carnal pleasures and sensuality, as he overcame.

by winning this important victory, we walk the straight and narrow path,

faithfully following the Lord, setting good example.

he who begins walking this mystic trail

soon comes upon a secluded field

and discovers hidden croppings

of a wondrous mine of gold,

and he quickly goes,

 sells all he has,

and acquires

this extra-



acquisition of this awesome meadow symbolizes

perseverance – adherence to the straight and narrow path.

perseverance is essential to attaining the victory; and therefore,

perseverance is the price of profound, unlimited, hidden treasure.


          Are  you  Prepared  to  walk  the  Return  Path  to  Eden ?         .

Preparation requires much fasting!  And long hours of meditation and prayer.  Practice,



Begin your journey well prepared, and don’t look back !!


Unwavering resolve is what we must give in order to obtain the prized quarry – also known as the pearl of greatest price.

What are the benefits of attaining this Victory?  As one draws close, he or she can become aware that the entire physical universe we perceive

is an illusion (a false perception of reality) residing in the human and animal collective consciousness. Jesus won the victory, and by so doing, he

escaped the curse (the energy-field) that binds our minds to the illusion, so that he could perceive true reality – where life is eternal and where there

are no conflicts!  He often said, “You may follow me.”  However, he also advised that following him is like climbing the highest mountain, and one must

well prepare. He gave this solemn advice to his apostles and other followers “Count well the cost before you start to follow me…and don’t look back.”



And this is how we recover from The Fall of Man; each individual must redeem himself.  Christ is a man

who, long ago, redeemed himself, and his task (during his final incarnation 2,000 years ago) was to show us The Way.



God has indeed given us a new book of Scripture:
 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.
Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling

This book is a Silent Trumpet, and it has sounded A Thunderous Silent Blast.

He who can hear, let him hear.
This book is the complete, uncensored, unabridged story of The Life of Christ – finally!

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of man shall never die,”

and eventually, he or she will inherit all the powers of our Father.
In this sacred book, Jesus and other mystics explain how every person can recover from The Fall of Man.
This Newest Testament is given to us to help us prepare.

It is God’s solution to the dreadful problem of History-revisionism.

The following essay is a book review, based on a 31-year study.

This review is a summary of the book that re-unifies

Judaism and Christianity; and unites all cultures and

traditions, which cherish truth, kindness, peace,

decency and liberty; and clearly explains why

all human beings are God’s Children.
The Aquarian Gospel tells us how to prepare

 for the coming terrible turbulent times,

and Judgment Day.

This book tells us how to overcome.
This precious book is nothing less than
“The Little Book” – described in Revelation 10.
Levi’s sacred transcript discloses many mystical mysteries,
and these disclosures are sweet to consume, but bitter
to digest  (during these times of Revelations)!



(Preliminary Comments)


Prepare to Learn



A Review of the Aquarian Gospel

by Michael F. O’Keeffe


God’s Magnificent Garden
And the Day of Transition

(The simple dynamics of mysterious “dark energy” – also revealed)



The Aquarian Gospel reveals many of the mysteries of God and our relationship with Him.  Our association with our Father is simple, yet profound, and as youthful offspring, most of us find it difficult to comprehend.  Yet, we can acquire an understanding by grasping the concept called “God’s Magnificent Garden.” 


Here is an explanation:


When small cuttings are taken from common flora and inserted into moist soil, they sprout roots and grow, and become perfect reproductions of the parent plant.  Many types of vegetation can replicate this way, and scientists call this kind of transplantation “total regeneration.”  Some plants, under lab conditions, can reproduce simply by the removal of individual cells, and insertion into rich soil. 

God is Spirit, and we are God’s children, and He reproduces through "total regeneration."  As His offspring, we are Divine Spirit Cells, which God removed from Himself, and inserted into fertile soil (called the physical universe).  In this soil (during a long series of incarnations) we are expected to learn, grow and develop, and eventually become mature, adult descendants of the divine – perfect offspring of our parent – God.


Jesus achieved this!  (He came to Earth as a very ancient, mature soul.)  And he said that all human beings will eventually develop maturity, like him.  (To many, he said, “you may follow me”.


We require many incarnations in the soil of physicality before we can achieve this.  As we learn and grow, our souls periodically call for new containers and refreshment of soil.  Thus, each reincarnation is like a new transplantation.  And between each incarnation our Father burns away all wayward growth of soul, so that we may begin each lifetime with new opportunities to make noble decisions, and thereby become God-like, instead of selfish (and sinful).  (This is why most small children are so innocent.  I say “most,” because a few newborns begin making bad decisions very early in life.) 


In this way, after many incarnations, each spirit-cell eventually becomes a perfect soul (like Jesus, and like Miriam, his lesser known female co-laborer).


Thus, during many lifetimes of learning, all human spirits eventually attain full growth and maturity.  Each of us is destined to eventually develop the ability to instantly heal disease and injury with mental power, and furthermore, we will finally learn how to conquer death itself.  Immortality is everyone’s destiny. The Aquarian Gospel (Jesus’ own book) shows us The Way! 

The divine descendant who incarnated on Earth over 2,000 years ago (known as Jesus, the Christ) was initially inserted into the soil of physicality during very ancient times (many, many ages before our original transplantation).  Therefore, when he incarnated here, he was an extremely ancient soul, who had previously experienced countless incarnations; and thus, his soul had already attained maturity. 


God, our Father, rarely sends such an extremely ancient, fully mature soul to earth (called Immanuel).  He sends us a Christ (a Messiah) at the beginning of each age – and an age consists of a little more than 2,000 years.  The Age of Aquarius is about to commence!  The return of Christ is very near!  And Judgment Day looms.


Those who are found worthy (those who strove to be kind, just, honest and decent) will be admitted to the Aquarian Age – a sacred school of Christ, where all who attend will be taught many of the precepts of Christhood, on a world filled with advanced spiritual teachers.  The unworthy will pass on, spend time in the purification fires, and then reincarnate into primitive civilizations.



About Karma


Jesus spoke of “the law of recompense that never fails”.  Eastern prophets referred to this law as karma. Simply put, karma is a law that says that whatever one does to any other human being will rebound, and eventually the same thing will be done to him.  For example, the soldier or local ruler who brutalizes, rapes and murders, and then dies of disease or wounds, will eventually incarnate into a situation where he is a member of a group that is despised by some brutal dictator and his cohorts.  Jesus often referred to this law by saying, “He who wields the sword shall perish by the sword.”  Many other aspects of karma are discussed in this website page.


(Another review of the Aquarian Gospel, from a different point of view)


Students of the school of Christ, after much spiritual learning, will pass on (without experiencing death) and will eventually reincarnate (as prophets, seers and teachers) into worlds that have not yet formed….(just as Jesus, a long, long time ago, attended a similar sacred school of Christ, on a world that no longer exists, and after passing from that world, he eventually reincarnated multiple times as a spiritual teacher, achieving greater perfection; until he finally incarnated here, into this world – as the greatest prophet and teacher – Christ, our Lord and Savior!).


This is the process of creation (God’s plan revealed!) and it goes on and on…..eternally. The number of God’s children is unlimited, and newly released divine offspring are often strewn about into the soil of physicality.  And this is why God’s domain (manifesting as the universe) continuously expands.  And this eternal expansion is the force behind mysterious “dark energy.”  [Jesus explained to Barata Arabo (a Buddhist monk) how the physical universe came into existence.]


As God’s offspring, we eventually mature and become gods, inheriting all of our Father’s powers.  Jesus’ life demonstrates this profound truth.


As a mature master-soul, Jesus was granted his inheritance – divine power, divine wisdom, and divine love – the trinity-bequest.  And so, as an adult child of God, Jesus had become identical to our Father.  He had become a full-fledged Son of God – living an incarnate life.  Therefore, he came to Earth as our elder brother – much elder.  His mission (his assigned task) was to live a perfect incarnate life, while guiding less mature souls (teaching us to follow him) so that we may make significant progress in our long trek to become like him – (in our long trek to become like he who had become like our Father).  This would be his final incarnation.


Thus, our Lord was sent here to teach (to teach us – his youthful brothers and sisters).  And, by so doing, he delivered a message to the whole world (to all human souls mature enough to listen and comprehend).  The message Jesus brought clearly states that every one of us is destined to eventually achieve his level of maturity, and become exactly like him (and like Miriam), and they came to show us the way.  Their lives are our example of what all men and women are capable of becoming (and will become).  We have no place else to go.!!


What other destiny could exist for God’s own children, other than to eventually attain full maturity, and acquire all the wisdom and power of our Father, and become exactly like Him?  (As Jesus did, and as Miriam did.)  Jesus and Miriam are our example of two human souls who finally attained full maturity, and became identical to our Father-Mother-God (the ultimate destiny of every human being)!  - The ultimate destiny of every pair of souls.


And this is why ancient scripture strongly discouraged divorce, homosexuality and sodomy.  During each incarnation, pairs of souls usually meet, and if they are blessed, they recognize one another as their “other half,” and they marry.  Remaining faithfully wedded ‘til death augments their progress toward eventually attaining complete soul-maturity and perfection – (like Jesus and Miriam).


Make no mistake: our maturation process is very long and difficult, and those who are totally oblivious to the knowledge described herein are destined to endure many, many incarnations before they are prepared to accept and comprehend these profound truths.  Furthermore, those of us who now accept and comprehend this precious knowledge are not far ahead of the ignorant ones.  We too have much learning to achieve, requiring multiple incarnations.  And during each earth-life we must strive to walk the straight and narrow path more perfectly, until finally, each of us lives a perfect incarnate life (as Jesus and Miriam demonstrated).  But beware: an enlightened person may fall, and take a giant step backwards – like Judas.


And so, now, during these decisive times, we can finally know what it means to be God’s children.  We are learning how to become like our Father!!  We certainly have no place else to go!  Indeed, our souls have no place else to grow.  Growth in any other direction always leads to misery, sadness, sickness, strife and death.


As God’s offspring, we have the power to direct our souls’ growth.  By choosing to harbor certain kinds of thoughts, a soul grows in certain directions.  The person who cultivates thoughts of selfishness (envy, hatred, dishonesty and sensuality) causes his soul (and personality) to grow in that direction, and if he ignores natural warning signs (that he is “headed for trouble – going the wrong way”), he will continue this wayward growth, and thus will become increasingly selfish and dishonest, and eventually, he will find himself (or herself) living an evil life.  This is how God’s own offspring are capable of becoming criminals and hypocrites of the worst kind.


Christ, who said, “Follow me,” harbored only noble, unselfish, honest thoughts.  Whenever selfish, envious or dishonest thoughts occurred, he chose not to harbor them.  He gave them no energy; he simply refused to cultivate them, and he proactively filled his mind with thoughts of blessedness, kindness, helpfulness and love.   In this way, he was always vigilant – on guard against all selfishness and evil, and he combined this way of life with daily fasting and prayer; and thus, his soul continuously grew toward kindness and love – toward Godliness; and this is how he lived a perfect incarnate life (free of sadness, scarcity, sickness and accidents), and this is how he achieved the pinnacle of human maturity – Christhood.


Souls that grow in selfish directions become sick (mentally, physically and psychologically), and soon the physical body (in which the soul temporarily resides) experience sadness, stress, ailments and pain; and the intensity of this misery is always directly proportional to the extent of the selfishness (and deviant soul-growth). 


Jesus, who lived a perfect, selfish-free (sinless) life, never experienced sickness, injury, poverty or pain; and after allowing selfish, evil (jealously enraged) men to kill his mortal flesh, he demonstrated his power over death – he resurrected; and he triumphantly showed his risen self to many who had followed him (and also to the foolish, jealous rulers who had orchestrated his execution). 


His mission was to teach us, so that we may learn to conquer death.  Thus, he taught that we must learn to think like our Father!!, as he had learned (because thought is the power of creation).  He taught that thinking selfishly is sin, and that the person who thinks selfishly soon behaves selfishly, because behavior is the child of thought.  He taught that banishing all selfish thoughts from one’s mind is a monumental task, and the only way one can learn to accomplish this is by following the instructions of one who has learned; and his book, The Aquarian Gospel, shows us the way, and helps us prepare for Christ’s return.  Thus, he said, “You may follow me.”


For ages, we (youthful souls) have been unaware that the cultivation of selfish thoughts is the source of all unhappiness (and irregular soul-development), and so we have continued in our ways (during each incarnation) and our souls have continued to experience wayward growth (during each incarnation); yet all of our ignorant foolishness has helped us learn – because we are always learning, especially by our mistakes.


As our incarnations pass by, we eventually realize that harboring selfish thoughts creates selfish (sinful) behavior, and produces the following unpleasant consequences: pain, incapacity, sorrow, irregular soul development and finally, death.  These are the wages of sin.


Thus, sin is simply selfish thinking (and the behavior that selfish thinking creates).  And selfish thinking, unchecked, begets more selfish thinking and soon this wayward path leads to monstrous sins and inequities.


Furthermore, human groups (such as cities, nations, religious associations and commercial enterprises), which encourage a culture of selfish thinking, soon degenerate into all kinds of self indulgence and sin.  Their awful crimes eventually become exposed, and they become sick in spirit, and if they do not reform, eventually, they fail and pass away. 


Our Divine Father’s plan calls upon us to learn how to conduct our lives in a way that promotes perfect, healthy growth of soul.  He requires that we learn how to live a sinless, unselfish life (the life of Christ), as Jesus and Miriam demonstrated.  However, we (human souls) must achieve a certain level of maturity before we can understand (and accept) this requirement.  Only then are we prepared to make the decision to engage in The Struggle – the struggle to attain a sinless, unselfish, holy life (the life of self control and victory over carnal pleasure) – the way of the Lord.   


In order to achieve the required threshold of maturity (and develop understanding, and become willing to strive for the victory) our souls undergo a very long, gradual process of learning.


For example, during each lifetime in the physical realm, we carry subconscious memories of our past lives, including memories of unpleasant, fearsome consequences we have suffered due to selfish living; and therefore, we experience a sense of fear and trepidation when faced with opportunities to repeat previous modes of selfishness, sensuality and transgression, and we gradually learn to make better choices,  And thus, we learn to live less selfishly (less sinfully) as our incarnations pass by… one after another.  This is how our souls slowly attain the required threshold of consciousness, maturity and understanding that is required.  (We finally become aware that we must engage in The Struggle.)


Furthermore, because the distasteful consequences of deviant soul-development are so unpleasant for us (and so unsightly unto God), He mercifully grants us opportunities to recover.  He accomplishes this by burning away all wayward soul-growth (between incarnations).  This purification process is not pleasant, and the duration and intensity of this procedure is proportional to the degree of deviant growth.  Our subconscious memories include recollection of these unpleasant cleansing experiences.  (Many childish nightmares are flashbacks.)


After human souls are cleansed of delinquent, unwholesome growth, each one moves on – to one’s next incarnation, and then, on to the next (each re-incarnation being like a day in the long life of a soul); and by divine plan, each person eventually re-experiences every situation in which he or she had previously chosen selfish paths (so that we may have opportunities to properly re-create ourselves, by making better choices – by choosing to think like our Father).


By this process, all infants enter the world “cleansed,” and so, Jesus advised: “Woe to the man who leads a child astray.  It were better for him if he had gone and drowned himself.”


Thus, during each reincarnation, a soul has been given precious opportunities to choose differently – to make less selfish (less sinful) choices, enabling more suitable, healthier growth of soul.  (We often need to re-experience a situation many times before we finally decide to make the right choice, and we are sometimes strangely aware that we have previously faced certain situations, and we call this peculiar awareness déjà vu.) 


God’s plan calls upon all his children to eventually attain full, wholesome and complete perfection (maturity of soul) – by finally achieving a totally sinless incarnate life – as Jesus demonstrated.  Indeed, our Father requires this of every one of us.  Because He requires this, and because he burns away deviant soul-growth between incarnations (and because He owns Eternity), the sinless life of Christ is everyone’s eventual destiny.  We truly have no place else to go.


When a person wanders extremely far astray (deep into selfish, sensuous ways and dreadful crimes, resulting in extreme distress and misery), this soul’s colossal, unsightly, errant growth becomes utterly ugly in God’s eyes.  If He deems such a soul to be irredeemable, this unwise person, after passing on, must linger in the purifying fires until nothing remains except the original Divine Cell; and then, this indestructible, eternal sacred seed must begin anew.  Thus, the soul, like a bush cut back to its root, sprouts again.


And so, a person may lose his or her soul, yet deep within the root of every soul there is a part that can never be destroyed, because we are God’s offspring. (Each soul’s original divine cell is eternal).  Loss of soul (our “worst nightmare”) is so fearsome and unpleasant; prophets and masters have called it “the second death.”


Fortunate (more mature) souls gradually awaken to the fact that God truly is our Father, and that He requires us to become mature (sinless) descendants.  Souls who are aware of this (who have ears to hear) become devout, earnest and prayerful; and consequently, they receive a great blessing: they experience a pruning process during their incarnate lives.  That is, they are given learning experiences, which impel them to give up selfishness.  They have advanced beyond the maturity threshold, and can recognize (and follow) The Way.  Thus, they avoid the purifying fires between incarnations.  Their time in the realm of souls (between incarnations) is pleasant and rewarding.  (This is heaven, in a measure.  After a soul achieves Christhood, heaven in full measure is attained.)


In the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus explains how we can achieve the life of Christ, by learning to continuously grow in the “right” direction – traveling the path of unselfishness and self-sacrifice – the path that is totally free of the awful snares and pitfalls (known as disease, injury, poverty, warfare, stress, grief and death). 


Our Lord’s life-story demonstrates The Way – the way of life that fosters perfect soul-development, and thus precludes the need for both pruning and purification – the way of life that leads to perpetual tranquility and eternal life.  He explains that anyone can follow this Way – by conquering the strong human tendency to revere sensuality and live selfishly. 


Thus, the Lord teaches us how to overcome all the voluminous and various forms of selfishness – a very difficult accomplishment.  Few souls (at a time) achieve this, yet eventually everyone does, and after one has finally achieved this, sadness and pain no longer exist.  Life is full of tranquility and peace; and there is no death! 


Our Father selects His greatest prophets (and other holy teachers) from those who have achieved this – from men and women who have won The Victory – the victory over the carnal self.


We are eternal spirit-beings, and we have been growing for many ages, yet most of us are still immature and selfish, and thus, we still experience incidents of pain, misery, sadness and gloom, as well as death.  Mature (unselfish) souls never experience these.  They know that death is merely an illusion, and they know how to overcome it. 


Messiah’s strongest desire is to teach us (his younger brothers and sisters) so we may learn to conquer the source of all human sadness and demise.  He works diligently to convince us to give up all carnal gratification and indulgence – the cause of all human melancholy, and the cause of mortality!  When a Messiah comes to Earth, he teaches by word and by example.  He leads the way, and we must follow.


God sends us a fully mature soul very rarely – at the beginning of every age, and an age consists a little more than 2,000 years.  When he comes, he is an elder who can be called Christ or Messiah.  He instructs all (who are willing to listen) how to put away selfish tendencies, and thus attain a peaceful, heavenly state of mind. 


Any person who achieves this never lacks for anything, because he or she has found (and acquired) a field of buried treasure!  Many less mature souls, who are unaware of this, constantly indulge in sensual and selfish ways, and thus, these unenlightened brethren often experience shortages of the necessities of life, and their lives include countless episodes of strife, intrigue, sadness, sickness, and misery (often including warfare and various forms of violent death).


Another way of stating the situation is this:  Men and women who engage in a life of self-indulgence (the party lifestyle) experience some fun and enjoyment (for a time), but this is foolishness, and if they persist (without reforming and developing a much more mature, responsible way of life), they soon experience many devastating consequences, such as ailments, poverty, gloom, rage, anxiety and death.


Some people (while wise enough to refrain from the party lifestyle) often make a different kind of dreadful mistake: they utilizing their superior vitality and intellect to engage in a different kind of selfishness.  They pursue psychological gratification.  That is, they seek to attain worldly wealth, power, lofty social status and fame; and in quest of these goals, they often exploit the weaknesses of others, and trample on their rights. 


This lifestyle is also utter foolishness, and these exploiters soon suffer fearsome consequences, because God’s Law of Righteousness requires that his offspring utilize their talents to promote love, unselfishness, kindness and peace – in service to Mankind.  (And so, by our Father’s law of karma, the exploiters soon become the exploited.)


Christ came to convince us to live a noble, forgiving, self-disciplined life, and thereby follow him in The Way of life that brings us tranquility instead of wretchedness and anxiety, yet the essence of this precious message was somehow lost, and is almost entirely missing from official Christian Scripture.  The Aquarian Gospel (only recently given to us) restores the essence of Messiah’s message, and enables us to prepare for his return. 


Unfortunately, most of the messages (we see and hear in modern media) promote self-indulgence and excessive gratification, and the party lifestyle.  These messages (along with many “entertainment” shows) deceive us, and they attempt to convince us to live “the foolish life” of immature souls.  These messages encourage us to remain weak.  Thus, most media shows and messages glorify indulgence, deception, stupidity, aggression and hypocrisy. 


These messages are the complete opposite of Christ’s message; and they can therefore rightfully be called “anti-Christ.”  Many of these communications pretend to promote products, but in reality, they subtly (and sometimes unashamedly) encourage malevolent attitudes – by portraying foolish, sinful lifestyles as acceptable, normal and preferable.  Beware of anti-Christ messages.


Deception is the primary tool of the evil one.  Ridicule is his secondary tool; ignorance is his third, and fear is his fourth.  Thus, Evil does everything in his power to convince us to venerate sensuality and irresponsible lifestyles, and he steers people away from precious Truth by heaping ridicule upon those who know, understand (and teach) the essence of Christ’s message, and he works tirelessly to ensure that common people are unaware of the Lord’s precious book (The Aquarian Gospel) – by making it seem fearful – labeling it as “occult”.  (And by ignoring it.)


Thus, most religious leaders and modern media have ignored (or denounced) Messiah’s publication; and many spiritually inquisitive people have opted not to examine this sacred book, because of the fearsome “occult” label.  They have fallen victim to Evil’s four primary weapons – deception, ridicule, ignorance and fear.


The Aquarian Gospel contains Jesus’ instructions, and this sacred book has been given to us to help us prepare for that extremely rare event – the appearance, on Earth, of a fully mature soul – the return of Messiah!


All who diligently follow our Lord’s instructions will make the transition from immaturity of soul, past adolescence, to young adulthood; and after we have made this transition, we will have learned to abandon most forms of selfishness and self-indulgence, and thus, our days of experiencing severe episodes of sadness, disputes, grief and misery will come to an end.  We will have learned to put aside all our petty differences.  Each of us will finally understand that all other human beings are part of one’s self. 


We will comprehend universal oneness, and we will no longer quarrel.  There will be no more war on Earth!  These marvelous, promised times are not far away.  They will occur soon after the Age of Aquarius commences.


Prophecy clearly indicates that current world violence, greed and turmoil and massive disasters, and mysterious, perplexing occurrences in the skies and on the earth (along with an abundance of self-appointed, deluded prophets) – all, signal the conclusion of the current age, and the impending commencement of that new age.  We now experience the “end times.”


There will be a day of transition, marked by a momentous event – a Messianic announcement, which will bring world peace – followed by a sorting of souls, and Judgment Day.  A close inspection of every human soul on that Day will determine who can attend the coming new age – an age of peace, and an age of magnificent, advanced spiritual learning. 


Thus, Judgment Day will be like a major rearrangement of souls – many (those who are prepared) will be guided into broader, more fertile fields.  Souls displaying significant selfish growth will be uprooted.*  


Then, guided by the wisdom of Christ, we will re-establish clear telepathic communication, not only among ourselves, but also between us and the animals; and we will thereby re-establish dominion over all earthly creatures (great and small).  We will guide them, and convince them to abandon aggression – to adopt love, gentleness and peace – and finally, “the lion will lay down with the lamb,” as the meek receive their inheritance! 


That wonderful time is not far away.  The day of transition is near.  Yet, “none can tell the hour nor the day when man shall be revealed.”


In summary, we are God’s seeds, planted in a soil of His own design, and whenever we incarnate in the physical realm, we have been given opportunity to grow and develop into mature children of the divine.  However, when we chose to live selfish, scandalous lives, we are merely utilizing the divine powers within us to grow awkwardly – to send shoots in ungainly, gnarled directions; and thus we become more deeply embedded in the soil, instead of growing tall and straight, into the light. 


Those who keep the Ten Commandments naturally tend to grow strong, straight and tall  – into the light of understanding, knowledge and wisdom; and after many incarnations (developing within this nurturing radiance) these blessed ones eventually achieve divine maturity (like Jesus).  Every God-seed finally achieves this.  None are lost in eternity.


We possessed telepathic abilities and dominion over the animals prior to “the fall of man.”  However, like an infant who could not maintain a grasp, we lost our precious abilities (many ages ago) because of selfishness.  Judgment Day will separate those of us who are finally prepared to maintain a grasp on our inherited God-given abilities, from those who are not.


Jesus’ instructions are now presented to us, in Levi’s marvelous transcript of Messiah’s life and teachings.  His transcription is published as The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christa new book of scripture (only recently given to us) to help us prepare.  This book is the most precious publication in History!


This concludes the prologue of my review of the Aquarian Gospel.  Here is the main section of the review.


Be advised that if you comprehend (and sincerely strive to live the holy life Jesus describes),

 you must prepare yourself to be regarded, at best, as strange (or even insane) and worse, you may be spurned (by friends and family alike),

considered a fool, a failure, and even a criminal.  Yet this isolation will not cause loneliness, for you will hear the still, small voice.

And you will see the face of God. 


“Behold, a man found in a certain field the croppings of a wondrous mine of gold,

and he went forth and sold his home and all he had and bought the field; then he rejoiced in wealth.”



The Review
Part I

The Victory – The Pearl of Greatest Price


In this astounding sacred text, Jesus reveals that death is simply an illusion.  He teaches that we, as God’s children, are eternal spirit-beings, and we never really die.  We are always alive.  However, each of us periodically “wears” a physical body, which is prone to injury, disease and aging, and must soon pass away. 


Our bodies (the physical forms in which we temporarily reside) are filled with many selfish and sensuous desires (and egocentric impulses), and we must overcome every one of them.  No one ever enters Heaven (a state of mind) until he or she has won this Victory.  It’s so simple: anyone, who overcomes all the physical appetites, passions and desires (and does not look back), experiences a life filled with peace and joy, followed by greater happiness hereafter.


Conquering all our carnal cravings is a monumental task, and we must always do our best.  Yet, the Lord advised caution; one may attempt total victory prematurely, or too strenuously.  (One who decides to climb the tallest mountain must prepare carefully.)  Thus, he said, “take stock of yourself before you start to follow me… and don’t look back.  Remember Lot’s wife.”


Now we know why Messiah said, “the Kingdom is at hand.”  Each person controls his own fate, and anyone who faithfully follows Christ (by completely vanquishing the selfish self) begins to experience a serene and cheerful state of consciousness (called Paradise!).  All sadness and grief gradually disappear. 


And if one steadfastly adheres to this precious path (without EVER looking back), the joyous serenity grows strong and pervasive (filling one’s life), because he or she has won The Victory.  He or she has acquired “the Pearl of Greatest Price.”


The Lord also described winning The Victory as like discovering “a wondrous mine of gold.” 

Conquering one’s carnal self is indeed a treasure, which belongs to all

who (by exercising will power) become strong enough to take possession of it ! 



Conversely, the Lord explained, when we travel in the opposite direction, by flagrantly and habitually indulging in sensuous pleasures, selfishness and egocentric desires, we are (knowingly or unknowingly) violating God’s Law of Righteousness, and thus we are busy sowing the wind, because we cultivate illusions!   When we foolishly do this (by perusing status, affluence and sensual gratification) we eventually experience many awful consequences, which bring restlessness, wretchedness and grief, as we reap what we have sown.


Unenlightened souls are unaware that when devastation comes, like disease and poverty (and all types of misery), we have brought these upon ourselves.  We become victims of our own self-indulgence.  When we live sensual and selfish lives (with little self-restraint), we soon suffer shocking repercussions, because we have chosen to reside “where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth.”


When we choose to reside there (by allowing carnal, selfish impulses to predominate) we soon experience (by law of nature) the pain and misery of accidents and injuries, as well as physical and mental diseases, misunderstandings, disputes, scarcity and wars, and all kinds of social upheavals, and many kinds of “natural” disasters; and if we fail to reform (fail to conquer our carnal passions and desires) we eventually experience the most unpleasant repercussion of all – the illusion called death. 


The story of Sodom and Zeboim (Gomorrah) is the chronicle of a natural disaster that was brought about by one culture’s frequent, flagrant violations of the Law of Righteousness.  Many other cities and “lost” civilizations disappeared due to similar repercussions.  (And now, during these end-times, we daily witness the awful sufferings of individuals and groups – cities, businesses and states – who pay the awful price for living selfish, indulgent lives.)


The severity of a person’s (or a civilization’s) death-experience is directly proportional to the intensity of the self-indulgent practices.  A self-indulgent nation’s demise arrives either by some “natural” disaster(s) or at the hands of another culture’s superior weaponry or simply by mass migration or government corruption, or by a combination of these.  (Much of ancient Jewish Scripture describes these kinds of events.)  And, of course, the axiom, “whoever wields the sword shall perish by the sword,” is always a factor.


My own cherished nation (and culture) is in danger of perishing.  If we do not soon turn away from selfish, indulgent, wicked ways, we will quickly become nothing but a memory – a mere paragraph in other nations’ history books.  Wake up America!  Devastation and destruction are knocking upon our very door.  All nations, wake up!  Learn how to reform by studying Messiah’s Book! 


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ



Messiah taught that self-indulgence of any kind is sin; and “he who sins is slave to sin.”  Furthermore, the person who understands this Truth, and adjusts his life accordingly, by winning The Victory, is no longer slave, but is free.  The Truth has set him free.  (He has recovered from the fall of man.)  And he who attains this freedom is truly free, even from death.  He (or she) will simply exit the physical body at the proper time, without experiencing that awful trauma we call death.


Not even execution by crucifixion (or some other gruesome torture) can change this, because the person who has obtained this Liberty does not experience the pain that selfish, evil men (in jealous rage) may attempt to inflict.  Furthermore, a master soul who willingly endures such abuse (with forgiveness in his heart) has the power to self-resurrect – because he (or she) has become a fully mature child of God, and is therefore given full access to Divine Power.


The Lord advised the apostles that he would demonstrate this.  Furthermore, most of them would soon follow him, by forgiving their ignorant, brutal murderers (and many other disciples would also follow this holy but difficult path).



Jesus (the Christ) revealed these simple hidden truths to multitudes.  He explained these “secrets of the masters” to anyone (and to all) who were humble enough (and willing) to sit at his feet and listen.  Many bowed their heads, sat at this carpenter’s son’s feet, and listened.  Many were saved – set free by the Truth. 


They sat near Messiah around campfires, and in synagogues, and they sat on grassy places and on floors in farmers’ and shepherds’ homes.  Those who understood (and believed) followed him.  They strove to overcome the carnal self – because they knew they had found the awesome “treasure hidden a field!”  They listened.  They followed.  They were blessed; and those who persevered bought the precious field, and became free.      


Scores of Jesus’ disciples accomplished what is necessary to buy the precious field of “buried treasure” – they won The Victory.  They overcame all the passions and desires of the carnal self, and by winning this vital struggle, they traveled the return path to Eden!  They experienced no poverty or sickness (or any other misery), for they had re-entered the Kingdom, from which we all were expelled (when the fall of man occurred – many ages ago).


These Victorious followers of the Lord taught others, and they, in turn, taught still others; and indeed, to this very day, new believers continue to learn The Way, and win The Victory (a few at a time).  Thus, the mighty vine of Christ has been continuously growing for 20 centuries, and many people (all who are willing to listen) even now, become new disciples, and choose the straight and narrow path.  They follow the Lord by overcoming the selfish self.  They return to Eden!


During a period of time (the years between winning The Victory and the time of passing on) these victorious souls reside simultaneously in two domains – in the 4-dimensional world we all know, and in a peaceful, serene realm (of dimensions beyond) called Paradise.  Jesus found this place of eternal peace and joy while yet a boy, and he spent the remainder of his earthly life teaching others to follow – as Messiah always does.


All triumphant followers of the Lord have entered the joyous realm.  These blessed men and women do not experience poverty, accidents, disease or disasters (nor even death!).  When earthly work is done, they easily and painlessly discard the human physical body (casting it off, like a worn out jacket). 


Then, they continue residing in a serene and peaceful region of the great beyond, called Eden – The Garden of Paradise.  This is a tranquil transition. There, peace and joy are magnified; and they go on, to learn greater lessons.


Souls who have returned to Eden no longer require their roots to be embedded in the soil of physicality. 

They are able to obtain perpetual nourishment directly from the mystic energies of God.

Yet, God requires these holy ones to sometimes return to the physical realm, to

teach others (lost souls) to follow them.  These are great prophets.

And, as an age commences, one is called Christ, the Messiah.


The life of Christ brings “Eternal Life,” which belongs to all who faithfully follow Messiah.  And we follow him by following his example of love and forgiveness, and by following his advice to overcome the strong human tendency of self-indulgence.  And when a holy one finally lives the life of Christ perfectly (from his first breath, til his last), he is called a Messiah, and he can conquer death – can self resurrect.  Once this is accomplished, Immortality has been achieved.  No more incarnations are required!



Here is a brief review of how Eternal Life leads to Immortality:

Those who have attained Eternal Life are given important, sacred duties.  After a period of learning in the realm beyond, these victorious souls re-enter the physical world (by re-incarnating), and their assigned responsibilities include teaching others: guiding “lost souls” to the sacred walkway – the return path to Eden – the trail blazed by our Savior.  These teachers are “the laborers in the field,” and there are always a few of them among us.  (“The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.”)


These gifted teachers eventually pass on, yet they return to earthly life again, and again, always teaching; and this cyclical process continues for numerous incarnations, until each triumphant soul becomes a very skilled and proficient servant of the human race, and a superior teacher, and is recognized as a sage and master, and sometimes, as a prophet (or prophetess).  For example, Jesus declared that Elijah (also known as Elias) reincarnated on Earth, and he was Messiah’s harbinger – called John the Baptist. 


Finally, each master-soul goes on…   to several incarnations of highly advanced learning – to eventually become a perfect teacher (with extensive access to divine power), like Jesus, and like Miriam.  


Yes, this is true.  Every child of God eventually becomes just like our Father, and attains access to all the powers of God – because God and Man are One (just as seedlings and cutting-sprouts are one with the parent-plant).


Jesus and Miriam are examples of what we – all – will eventually become!


When a Messiah comes to Earth, God (our Father) sends him to us, to demonstrate (to all who are willing to take notice) the oneness of God and Man.  He sends a Messiah (a unified pair of fully mature souls) periodically – at the commencement of every age.  An age consists of about 2,010  to 2,050 years.  Thus, a new age is very near.  This truly is “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” 


Messiah is about to return!  And Judgment Day looms.



Jesus explained to his disciples that both he and Miriam were (and still are) examples of everything all of us will eventually become, because they are our elder brother and sister, and they achieved perfection – showing us The Way.  And this is how all men and women eventually become One with God (and this is the Christ – our destiny).


Furthermore, everyone who has succeeded, and is living the holy life (the life of Christ) eventually (after many blessed incarnations) incarnates into a world (selected by God, our Father), and becomes not only a Christ, but also Messiah – a public demonstration of Christ; and Messiah can demonstrate man’s ability to conquer death.


When this is accomplished, ”It is Finished.”   A Perfect Man stands before God, and no more incarnations are required.  Immortality is achieved.


Notice that there is a difference between Eternal Life and Immortality.  After Eternal Life is achieved, Immortality becomes the goal.


Whenever a superior master-soul has reached the stage where he is prepared to become a Messiah, God (our Father) can always find a world for him (in unbounded space) that is due to receive Imannuel; and there, he (and she – his female complement) incarnate.  Together, they live “the perfect life,” and achieve Immortality.  (Every couple’s destiny!)


God selected this world (2,000 years ago) for Jesus and Miriam – two superior master-souls – spiritually bound together, as one.


This is the plan of Salvation!  (Now revealed, during these times of Revelations – Reveal-ations.)  And this revelation of our Father’s plan (described in the little book – the Aquarian Gospel) is indeed sweet as honey in the mouth, but bitter to digest – just as the book of Revelation describes.



By this awesome plan, all of God’s Children eventually attain immortality.  What else can become of God’s offspring, other than to eventually attain full maturity, and become exactly like our Father (as Jesus did, and as Miriam did)?  Full maturity, perfection and immortality are the goal of every one of our Father’s descendants – the destiny of every human being!


Even the most selfish, depraved and vicious criminals (convicted or not), after experiencing death, soon incarnate again, and gradually learn better ways.  After many arduous and difficult incarnations (reaping what they have sown), they eventually learn to live virtuously and become blessed and holy, and follow the path of Christ, because God, our Father, never abandons a single one of His children (and He owns Eternity). 


Each earthly life is brief, and is much like a day – in the long life of a human soul.  And if we diligently make good use of our talents every “day,” we make steady progress on the souls’ long, arduous trek to perfection.


The life-story of Jesus and Miriam is a pattern and example, for us youthful souls to emulate.  They are elders, who have attained full human maturity.  And, to this day, they (and other mature souls) continually watch over us, guiding us (their younger brothers and sisters) to the ways of true human adulthood (the Way home, to God – our Father).


Furthermore, once in a great while, all people (who have achieved a certain level of soul-maturity) are invited to attend a magnificent, sacred school – an era of accelerated spiritual learning – in a heavenly, joyous environment, right here (in the earthly realm).  The coming Age of Aquarius is that school; and Judgment Day will determine who can attend.  


Jesus’ mission was to reveal these truths (and much more) to all who would listen.


He clearly stated:

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of man shall never die.”


Through the Aquarian Gospel, the still, small voice has spoken – a mighty trumpet has sounded a mighty blast, silent.

Who have ears to hear, let them hear:


Judgment Day is truly Near.


It’s coming fast,

It’s imminent.



How soon is imminent?  None of us can know.  We must always do our best to be prepared.  The unprepared will suffer the grief of banishment from Heaven (the Aquarian Age).  How prepared must one be?  Jesus advised:  “To whom much has been given, much is required; and to whom a little has been given, a little only is required.”  Each must do his best. 


However, winning The Victory is extremely difficult, requiring extraordinary dedication and perseverance, and thus our Lord said, “take stock of yourself before you start to follow me….and don’t look back,…remember Lot’s wife.” 

He also advised: "None can know the hour nor the day…keep watch at every season of the year,... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared...and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief." (ch. 112 vs. 16, and ch. 157 vs. 38, 39)

(Part III of this review includes “signs” that Messiah’s return is near.)



The Review
Part II


Recovery from The Fall of Man



This section is a summary of
The Aquarian Gospel message, based on

The Magnetism Analogy

Attention:  All who wish to understand “the mystery” – all who long to know the sacred truth!


Every human being is required (by God, our Father) to recover from “the fall of man.”  Every one of us fell, and each of us must recover from the fall.  Messiah is one who has recovered, and he comes to show us the way.  Salvation is the plan by which each person is given the opportunity to follow Christ – to recover from the fall – to return to our natural residence.


We fell because we succumbed to temptation, and recovery is achieved only by retracing our steps. 


The fall of man can be described by using the analogy of magnetism.  Consider a powerful bar magnet.  If iron filings come “too close,” they come under the influence of the magnetic field, and they “fall” onto the magnet’s surface; and there, they are stuck.


Adam and Eve (and all of Humanity) once resided in a heavenly realm – called Eden.  From this delightful domain, we could see the physical realm, but our Father advised us not to approach the entrance to the corporeal region, for if we did, He said, we would be expelled from our heavenly home, where there is eternal peace and joy, and where there is no death.  Furthermore, He said, we would not know how to return to our pleasant natural dwelling.


However, as inexperienced, immature souls, we liked what we saw in the physical realm.  We were attracted to all the pleasures we saw in the four-dimensional universe.  We saw physical beings there, enjoying “the fruits” of that terrain – like luscious food and beverages, cool lakes and streams; partying, dancing, drunkenness, and gaming; the accumulation of personal wealth and lavishness; and we were captivated by the enjoyment of carnal love.  We (youthful children of the divine) gravitated toward the physical.  We were mesmerized, and we soon forgot the advice of our Father – God.


Thus, we craved an opportunity to taste the pleasures of physicality, and we decided to bite into “the apple.”  By our own choice, we approached the entrance to the physical domain.  We reached forth for “the forbidden fruit.” 


We fell through the aperture.  We fell through the tunnel-like vortex that connects the spirit world to the physical realm.  A powerful force of nature quickly took hold of us and drew us to the place we desired to investigate.  We were like iron filings that came too close to a magnet.


For many ages we have been stuck here – on the surface of this, the four-dimensional physical locale.  Yet, all the pleasures (that appeared to be here) have turned out to be temporary, illusionary and disappointing.


Here, in the corporal world, when we explore the abundant meadows of carnal pleasure and sensuality, we experience just a few fleeting moments of enjoyment; then the gratification quickly disappears, and we are left feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, dissatisfied – alone and afraid. 


Furthermore, we pay another awful price – there are many unpleasant and painful consequences of our frequent forays into fields of physical gratification.  We know them well.  They are disease, accidents, injuries, catastrophes, arduous childbirth, forgetfulness, ignorance, enslavement, misunderstandings, mistakes, deception, depression, disputes, resentments, scarcity, war and death  (the complete opposite of Eden!).


Ever since we fell, we have longed for a better existence.  Yet, we cannot remember Eden; nor can we recall our fall.  We have no idea how to escape the unpleasant physical dominion – laden with frequent disappointments, frustrations, sadness and violence.  The “iron filings” are held fast to the surface of the magnet, confused and in frequent pain and turmoil – and in darkness – unaware of the fall (that happened so long ago). 


In desperation, we sometimes cry out to God.  Our Father hears our calls.


Every person (who strives to be kind and sincere, and cries out) is eventually reminded of the fall, and the place where we once resided.  These fortunate ones (who have ears to hear) are taught how to overcome the persistent power that binds us fast to the cold, brutal steel surface of physicality – “where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth,” and every type of grief.


God, our merciful Father, sends us a soul who knows how to free himself.  He sends us a Savior – one who has escaped before.  This magnificent mature soul reincarnates, fully armed with the knowledge of how to liberate himself from the force that holds us in bondage. 


Soon after his birth into the physical realm, he recalls his precious wisdom and understanding, and he escapes again (yet he can simultaneously remain here for a while).  He spends the rest of his stay on Earth showing us (all who are willing to listen) how to free ourselves – by diligently adhering to a certain way of life.


This mighty master-soul (filled with power, wisdom and love) is called Christ, the Messiah, and Immanuel.  A Christ comes to Earth at the beginning of every age. 


The Age of Aquarius is about to commence; and we can prepare for Messiah’s return (and Judgment Day) by studying his previous visitation.


Let’s take a look at Christ’s previous visitation:

Our Father’s plan allows a person to return to Eden (a state of mind), while simultaneously living here – on Earth.  Therefore, our Lord (Jesus) re-entered the heavenly realm (while still a boy) and he steadfastly remained there, as he simultaneously continued dwelling here, teaching many disciples how to follow – how to return to Paradise.  Thus he said, “The kingdom is at hand.”  


Anyone who earnestly listens and pays heed to Messiah’s instructions (by adhering to “the holy Way of Life”) discovers many astonishing benefits, because he (or she) has acquired “the field of buried treasure.”  Furthermore, he (or she) returns to the heavenly consciousness, and re-discovers eternal life.


The teachings of Jesus (Christ, the Messiah) are now available to anyone who wishes to read and pay heed.  His book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, tells us how to escape the strong force that binds us to the physical realm.  His book clearly explains what we must do. 


He taught that we can overcome the force that binds us – by conquering our addiction to physical pleasures.  We must depart, and leave behind, the crumbling walls of self-indulgence and carnal gratification.  We must abandon these two sins (symbolized by the two cities of the plains in ancient Jewish Scripture) and we must not look back.  This is how anyone (who has ears to hear) may travel the Return Path to Eden.


Traveling the path to Victory requires great will power and perseverance.  Refraining from “looking back” requires even more.  It’s not easy to overcome the magnetic-like force that drew us here. 


The wonderful (yet difficult) pathway to Paradise is the trail Jesus blazed for us (shortly after he incarnated here).  He never wavered from the straight and narrow path.  Indeed, our Lord adhered so perfectly to the holy walkway, he became synonymous with the return path to Eden.  Thus, he said, “I am The Way,”…and “you may follow me.” 


Anyone who successfully follows him has acquired “the pearl of greatest price.”  Only a few (at a time) find enough strength and perseverance.  Yet, in eternity, everyone eventually does, …and we must always do our best!  


Every human soul (after winning The Victory) is sent on a long, marvelous, joyous journey, encompassing numerous blessed incarnations (of intense spiritual learning), and then each one is finally given the task of incarnating into a world (somewhere in unbounded space) and becoming a Savior of that world.  This is the destiny of every man! – the destiny of every woman!


Jesus and Miriam experienced many incarnations of advanced spiritual learning before they incarnated here 2,000 years ago.  Their life-story is a preview of the life each of us is destined to eventually live (in far distant times, in far distant places). What other destiny could exist for God’s Children? – His offspring! – His own descendants! 


Each of us will eventually become exactly like our Father-Mother–God!… as did our elders, Jesus and Miriam.


We have no place else to go.



Messiah taught us how to pray.  He indicated we should use God’s own language – that is, we should pray in Silence, speaking telepathically to our Father.  And this is what we ought to say:


Our Father-God who art in heaven; holy is thy name.

Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.
Give us this day our needed bread;
Help us forget the debts that other people owe to us, that all our debts may be discharged.
And shield us from the tempter's snares that are too great for us to bear;

And when they come, give us the strength to overcome.

(Aquarian Gospel 94:7-11)

Our Father-God loves to hear from us.  He always listens to the telepathic frequency, which we, his children, share with Him.  Anyone who diligently and frequently transmits holy thoughts to God (like the prayer above) eventually develops the ability to hear His replies.


(In the Silence.)


Jesus showed us The Way!


Christ, a fully mature soul, lives a perfect life, and thus his soul grows perfectly.  We all must learn to achieve this.  And after one finally achieves this, no more incarnations are required.


Here is Wisdom:


Whenever a person recovers from “The Fall of Man,” he (or she) becomes aware that The Fall was actually a mental condition – a trip of the mind – a kind of insanity.  In our “fallen state,” we thought physicality was reality, but it was not.  It was only an illusion of our minds, brought about by our disregard of our Father’s advice – not to taste “the forbidden fruit,” – not to consume food from “the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”


Our Father knew we would disregard His advice, for as “free spirits,” we had to find out for ourselves.  Thus, when He deposited us in the soil of physicality, He actually let us initiate the transplantation process (by our decision to bite into “the apple”). 


This essay was inspired by two decades of studying the Aquarian Gospel.



Our Savior explained to many disciples that: The Son of Man is a Son of God!  Because God and Man are One!



evolution and creationJesus explains “the fall of man,” in his own words.


A Review of the Aquarian Gospel


Capture a Prisoner



The Review
Part III

Return of Messiah and Judgment Day



Our Lord clearly indicated that, as Judgment Day approaches, many huge catastrophes and extensive appalling violence and warfare would pervade the earth, and many would brawl and kill without reason – just for the sake of shedding blood.   “And pestilence will follow close upon the sword.”  Strange sights and sounds would occur on Earth, and in the sun and moon and stars. 


Are we not now witnessing numerous massive disasters and meaningless, ghastly incidents and horrible conflicts? …as well as frightening outbreaks of infection and disease? …and mysterious sights and sounds on land, sea and in the skies?


The current prevailing devastation and appalling, violent confrontations are the wages of sin – consequences of a nameless worldwide belief system that honors moral degradation and self-indulgence.  This malevolent philosophy promotes faithlessness, ignorance, gratification, deceit and selfishness, and disregard of spirit-law, and fosters the worship of materialism, greed, financial and physical prowess, and all kinds of moral deviation and sensual depravity.  (Much like the days of Noah, and the time of Lot.)


Furthermore, indulgence in alcoholic beverages (and other intoxicants) is often promoted and revered as a time-honored way of temporarily escaping from one’s troubles, duties and burdens.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  This is part of The Big Lie of pop culture, and this tradition is a favorite tool of the evil one.


The mass media of these end times promote numerous immoral and self-destructive customs.  Through many obvious (and subtle) messages contained in advertising and entertainment shows, selfish, malevolent practices are elevated, honored and revered.  Thus, many people are duped, as they are subtly (and effectively) invited to adopt foolish attitudes and wicked ways. 


Even infanticide is sometimes portrayed as a noble deed and a civic duty, as media “experts” devise clever ways to package and present this very worst of crimes with euphemisms.  Thus, we have in our culture, the term, “partial birth abortion,” which is simply a sugarcoated way of describing the killing of a newborn.


However, people who have carefully studied Scripture understand God’s ever-present laws of repercussion and recompense.  They know that each of us (His children) must reap the harvest from seeds each has sown, and that no one is exempt.  Thus, it’s no wonder we now witness many horrific incidents of rage, brutal attacks and confrontations, and horrible wars, along with devastating mega-storms and many other “natural” disasters.


Through media deception (and by other means), the evil one tempts us during these “hi tech” times, and we can see the results of his success.  Furthermore, publications like The Da Vinci Code sow seeds of doubt among people who might otherwise seek wisdom and Truth in Judeo-Christian Scripture.  


Our attention has been diverted from precious wisdom and sacred Truth.  Few (now) seek the messages of God, given to us in the Psalms of David, the words of Solomon, the Four Gospels, and now beautifully presented in the Aquarian Gospel.


Due to malevolent, catastrophic cultural values (spread primarily by mass media), proud nations have become mired in foolish conflicts, and our youthful men and women, who have been cajoled into adopting reckless lifestyles and self-destructive attitudes, are at the forefront of these gruesome campaigns, as they delve deeper into the dismal abyss, sometimes giving in to one of the evilest temptations of all – to commit murderous atrocities.


And hypocrisy runs rampant, as the very same media-entertainment industries, which work tirelessly to promote degenerate moral standards, react to these massacres with an air of self-serving moral indignation – as they denounce unenlightened leaders who have sent morally unprepared youth to confront insane practitioners of terror. 


Behold the hideous, awful stew!! – created by materialism, self-indulgence and creeds of hatred.  (And media-entertainment companies continuously stir the pot.)


However, there is good reason for hope, for Jesus clearly stated that, even though the prevailing catastrophes, wars and violence (of these end-times) will continue to escalate, seemingly beyond human endurance, Christ (the Prince of Peace) will finally intervene by making an announcement.  Everyone on Earth will hear… He will say again, “Peace, Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men!  


Every person (without exception) will know who has spoken, and immediately, all the appalling viciousness and turmoil will cease (as all weapons are instantly abandoned), and Messiah will command the terrible storms, pestilences and rumblings of the earth to quit, and he will expel the evil one. 


Judgment Day will occur, as the Age of Aquarius commences; and peace will reign, marking the end of warfare on Earth; and finally, “the lion will lay down with the lamb,” as the meek receive their inheritance.


None can know the hour nor the day.

“As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of man be.”



Now we can understand the true meaning of “the New Age,” a term that has often been misunderstood, and often ridiculed, due largely to false publications and media deception. 


Grace before a Thanksgiving Meal




The Review
Part IV

Consequences and Repercussions


Messiah made it crystal clear that:


Self-indulgence is the root cause of all accidents, catastrophes, injuries and disease, and is the source of all mistakes, misunderstandings and disputes, as well as every type of grief.  Furthermore, certain types of self-indulgence are so flagrant, the grief may last for several incarnations – such as when one willfully and treacherously inflicts serious injury upon another, or takes one's life. 


In addition, anyone who persistently indulges in deceit (and does not reform) brings an awful punishment upon himself: he renders himself incapable of recognizing Sacred Truth – the Word of God; and he (or she) develops into a hypocrite – unaware. 


Hypocrites are often shrewd and crafty and seem wise, but they are foolish.  Blinded by their own deceitful and indulgent ways, they regard a man of God as evil, deranged and criminal; yet, they are incapable of realizing that they are criminals, as they seek to punish Messiah (or any holy person); and they would even take his life.  (Can anyone be more foolish? …or more criminal?)


Consider the repercussions of taking the life of a holy person: those who murder a prophet or prophetess (or any servant of God) have committed an enormous sin; so tragic that their excruciating grief can persist for dozens of incarnations, as they wander the earth as outcasts (nation-less and scorned); and their physical lives are often brutally taken…by men who truly are deranged.


Furthermore, they are completely “in the dark” concerning why they must suffer so.  They have no conscious memory of their evil deeds, and they are unaware of the law of karma; all because anyone who rejects Christ has also rejected enlightenment – the wisdom and understanding of Christ.


Thus they live many lives believing that revenge is justice; and consequently, they experience a self-made hell, filled with violence, hatred and retaliation – concluding with extreme bitterness, accompanied by a tragic death (not just once, but many times).


These are the awful repercussions garnered by those who viciously maltreat and slay God’s servants. (These consequences are an awful harvest – grown from awful seeds sown.)  Such dreadful karma must come to such murderers, because karmic law (God’s perfect law of justice) never fails.


(Can anyone be more foolish?!)


Jesus gazed forward in time (through centuries that were yet to come) and saw all the ghastly consequential suffering that would be endured by many of his fellow countrymen and kin, who were about to take his life (and later, the lives of many disciples); and this is why, five days prior to his arrest and swift execution, he paused and wept over Jerusalem.


Messiah deeply loved Israel and all the people of Jerusalem (including those who sought his life). He viewed the treacherous and wicked ones the same way God, our Father, views hypocrites and murderers – as foolish children (immature souls) at play – unaware of karma and awful consequences (that can persist for dozens of incarnations).


Yet neither God, nor Christ (a Son of God), ever removes free will from any person or group, even if they are determined to commit a sin, so huge and horrific, that natural repercussions will bring them many incarnations of ghastly pain and suffering (in darkness).


(Certain leaders and a murderous mob in Jerusalem were so determined to commit the horrific execution of Messiah that they even chose to release a serial killer, rather than cancel the crucifixion of Christ.)


Thus, Jesus did not weep for himself.  He had overcome fear of death, and he had conquered dread of appalling cruelty (and he reaffirmed these victories in Gethsemane).  Christ knows death is an illusion; and, in addition to his ability to heal the sick and raise the dead, he can dispel pain (including his own).  Thus, he shed tears, not for himself, but for ignorant, foolish brethren who had rendered themselves incapable of comprehending enlightenment and the word of God – and incapable of recognizing Messiah.  The Lord often stated that,  “none but the pure in heart can recognize the King.”


He knew the wicked ones were about to learn a hard and bitter lesson,…a lesson they would not fully comprehend until many centuries later, when, on the Day of Reckoning, they would look back through time and see how they perpetrated, upon themselves, generations of horrible suffering. 


Our Lord revealed to a few disciples that “the anti-Jewish times” would not conclude until Messiah’s return is imminent – and Judgment Day looms.



By cultivating either valiant or selfish motivations

 (behind all that we say and do),

we create our own heaven, or hell, or a mixture of the two.


The wise man or woman always speaks and acts

from a heart filled with honorable intentions.


Filling one’s heart with such inspirations

consists of arduous tasks,

requiring frequent, strenuous prayer and meditations.



Parts V thru XI



More Revelations


Some Bible references to reincarnation


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ


Aquarian Gospel FAQs


Authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel


Jesus speaks about death


John (the Baptist) learns about the nature of death


Jesus speaks about reincarnation and karma


Why do many modern Christian churches ignore the Aquarian Gospel?


Recovery from The Fall of Man


Jesus describes the reincarnation process


Jesus describes the process of Evolution


Judgment Day


Divine Procreation - We are His Children


Biblical Censorship


The Greatest Paradox


Karma and Christ’s Sacrifice – the mystery of God’s Law of Perfect Justice.


Capture a Prisoner


Buddhism – taught to Mary, mother of Jesus


Deceit – the primary weapon of Evil


Jesus Explained Evolution


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Identical to God - We are His Children, immature.


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  A brief explanation of the dynamics of karma


We have been here (in the physical universe) for a very long time.

We (children of God) are eternal beings,

 and every one of us creates his own future,

and this is why spiritual masters have said:

Woe to the evil man, and blest is the kind one, for whatever one does to another will rebound,

and eventually, the same will be done to him…”every man reaps what he has sown,”

and others have explained this truth by saying, “He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword.”

A more modern expression says: “what goes around comes around.”


This divine law of recompense never fails.  Eastern masters call it “karma,”

and it’s God’s law of perfect justice.  All of us receive exactly what we are due.

(We always receive exactly the same treatment that we have given to others.)

And this is the true meaning of, “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”


Some karma is short term, returning to its source in only a few years (or months), while

some is long term, and may not return to its source until the afterlife (in a future incarnation).

We children of God truly are eternal spirit-beings.


This publication includes a description of the return path to Eden – an awesome, narrow trail – very difficult to travel.


And the origin of mysterious “dark energy” is revealed.




The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.























Aquarian Gospel – Book Review


Preliminary Comments

Part I


Before Jesus began his ministry in Palestine over 2,000 years ago, his harbinger, John, prepared the people to meet the King of kings.  He prepared the people of Judea, Samaria and Galilee – all (in those regions) who were willing to listen.  Now that the Lord’s return is very near, another harbinger has already come and gone.  However, he left a book for us (to read and study) – all (on Earth) who are willing to listen (so that we may know how to prepare).   This most precious book is commonly known as “The Aquarian Gospel.”  (It has been translated into many languages.)


This Newest Testament is for people who wonder about profound things.  Some people wonder and some do not.  Do you often wonder about things like: What is the true mystery of life?  Is there really a God?  If He truly exists, why does He allow us to experience pain and suffering?…especially the children?, and What happens after death?  If you often wonder about such things, the Aquarian Gospel may be for you, because anyone who carefully reads this book (with a sincere attitude and an open mind) will find clear answers to all these questions (and more). 


If you have a strong desire to know the answers to these questions, Ye have sought the truth, and Ye have found it!  The Aquarian Gospel is the most precious document ever recorded.  Indeed, it is certainly the most important book ever written, and the greatest story ever told.


However, this awesome book is not for everyone.  It’s only for those who truly want to know.  This astonishing sacred text is simple, yet profound, and one must read carefully.  The Aquarian Gospel has been available for nearly 100 years, yet many readers during the past century failed to read carefully (or approached with a prejudicial attitude), and thus, failed to comprehend. 



Preliminary Comments

Part II
Genuine Priests and Ministers
(Why most modern Christian Churches have ignored the Aquarian Gospel)


Christian believers who feel devastated by numerous reports of degenerate crimes and depraved lifestyles of many priests and ministers can now take comfort, for God has given us this new book of Scripture.  In this amazing sacred book, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Jesus clearly states that an official priesthood and elaborate ceremonies are useless and unnecessary, because each person can simply go into “the closet of his (or her) soul,” and talk to God – and learn how to listen – in the Silence.  No one needs a priest as intermediary, because anyone can establish a personal relationship with God (our Father) and be “priest unto himself.”


Indeed, Jesus stated unequivocally that many priests and ministers (ordained by institutional religions) are not genuine priests and ministers (in the eyes of God).  He clearly stated that a genuine priest or minister simply lives a kind and loving life (in a quiet way) and does not need special clothing (or a certificate) to designate him (or her) as a priest or minister.


He taught that no one needs to dress up in fancy, priestly clothing or in ceremonial garb, or chant pious chants, in order to be a priest.  The measure of whether or not one is a priest-genuine is based on how one conducts one’s life.  If one is sincerely kind and loving to all other human beings (and other forms of life), and sets good example (by being self-disciplined and by striving to keep the Ten Commandments) then he or she is a priest, and his (or her) good example is ministry to all. 


Thus, a genuine priest or minister… “is like a light upon a lamp stand.”  Our Lord invited all men and women to become genuine priests and ministers.


And so, it’s easy to understand how Jesus’ teachings angered (even enraged) many ordained, certified priests of his time, and furthermore, it’s easy to comprehend why most modern Christian churches simply ignore (or denounce) the Aquarian Gospel, and why many have tried to label it as “occult.”


Jewish faithful who are skeptical need only to read.  Jesus’ deep roots in Jewish culture, tradition and religion are clearly established in the first few chapters; and the careful reader cannot fail to recognize that the record of Jesus’ entire life and ministry (now revealed in this sacred book) establishes him as the spiritual leader of the world, and the greatest prophet who ever lived.


Furthermore, those who have studied the Book of Revelation are aware that, in that mysterious final book of the Christian Bible, Jesus implores believers to “overcome” (several times).  The Aquarian Gospel reveals exactly what Messiah meant by this.


My review of the Aquarian Gospel is an editorial summary of Levi H. Dowling’s precious transcript.  It is based on more than 2 decades of study, and it touches on a few of the most profound Revelations disclosed in this amazing “end times” publication. 


This review includes a description of the final days – the days preceding Judgment Dayvery near.


This review is, at times, repetitive, for emphasis and clarification.



Preliminary Comments

Part III


The Aquarian Gospel is, in fact, a totally accurate and remarkably comprehensive transcript of Jesus' life.  The writer (called "the transcriber") succeeded in viewing Jesus’ entire life (by opening the Book of God’s Remembrance) and he carefully recorded our Lord’s astonishing epic on paper.  This marvelous sacred Gospel does not contradict Christian Scripture – it illuminates and authenticates both Christian and Jewish Scripture.


In recent times, some authentic psychics and remote viewers have clearly demonstrated that they can help solve crimes, or locate and view distant objects and events (geographically distant and distant in time).  Levi viewed 2000-year-old events, which occurred nearly half way ‘round the world.  He can certainly be called the greatest remote viewer (or greatest psychic) of all time (except, of course, for Messiah himself).


However, Levi had help.  He developed his abilities through decades of practicing meditation, prayer and fasting.  Furthermore, he was sent to us, in order to give us this Newest Testament.  He is a messenger from God.


Levi’s book is God’s solution to the corrupt work of History-revisionists.  Ancient (and recent) Scriptural editors have so twisted, polluted and diluted the story of Christ, that only a small portion of Messiah’s original message remains within modern editions of Christian books.  However, Truth is strong and vibrant.  No matter how well it is covered or buried by deception and lies, Truth always breaks through whatever pavement men have used to conceal it.


Thus, the Aquarian Gospel is simply the latest in a series of books of Scripture that God has given us, in order to restore the Truth and Wisdom that evil minds attempted to banish from the world.  It is indeed “The Newest Testament.”  Remember: the Book of Revelation tells us of someone who would be strong enough to open a book, and it describes a little book that is sweet as honey in the mouth, but bitter in the belly.


If you have serious doubts about my assertion that the Aquarian Gospel is a new book of Scripture (“the little book” that was foretold), just read this Newest Testament (carefully and completely) and you will know.  Any astute, sincere person who carefully reads this sacred text will realize it is authentic and genuine – a true, accurate and comprehensive account of Jesus’ life (and therefore, the most precious document of Human History).  Furthermore, the careful, sincere reader will experience the sweetness, as well as the bitterness.


The Aquarian Gospel is, in a way, “the Holy Grail.”  Anyone who reads and comprehends (and succeeds in living the life Jesus describes within) drinks from this precious cup, and has attained Eternal Life.


The authenticity of the Aquarian Gospel is certified in a unique way.  This sacred Gospel simply vouches for itself (in a way that no other holy book ever has).  Anyone who reads and comprehends simply knows it is authentic.  Its authenticity is self-evident. 


Yet, not everyone recognizes this.  The authenticity of the Aquarian Gospel becomes obvious only to those who sincerely invest the time and effort required – to carefully and comprehensively read Messiah’s story (which can rightfully be called his autobiography).  Yes, I say “autobiography,” because our Lord wrote his own story (by living it), and he knew a perfect transcript would eventually be published.


Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911) learned how to gain access to "the Akashic Records," also known as "the Book of God's Remembrance."  He “opened” this mystical recording and peered back in time, and witnessed the entire life of Christ; and he carefully documented every pertinent event (because much of the human race is now mature enough to comprehend).  He spent many months transcribing.  His transcript is the most important document (and the most precious book) ever written.


One very interesting statement in the Aquarian Gospel is Jesus’ reference to a nation that, at that time, did not yet exist, and his hint of what this unnamed nation will eventually become, after its peoples and its leaders realize the Aquarian Gospel is what it is – a new book of Scripture, and clearly, the most important publication in History.  



The Review


















Jesus described the return path to Eden:

11) There is a way that leads unto the perfect life; few find it at a time.
12) It is a narrow way; it lies among the rocks and pitfalls of the carnal life; but in the way there are no pitfalls and no rocks.
13) There is a way that leads to wretchedness and want. It is a spacious way and many walk therein. It lies among the pleasure groves of carnal life.
14) Beware, for many claim to walk the way of life who walk the way of death.

(AG 101:11-14)















Some Biblical references to reincarnation – American Standard Version 1901


Jeremiah 1:5
5Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee; I have appointed thee a prophet unto the nations.


Matthew 11:12-15
11Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not arisen a greater than John the Baptist: yet he that is but little in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and men of violence take it by force. 13For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. 14And if ye are willing to receive [it,] this is Elijah, that is to come. 15He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.


Daniel 12:13
13But go thou thy way till the end be; for thou shalt rest, and shalt stand in thy lot, at the end of the days.


Matthew 16:13-16

13Now when Jesus came into the parts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Who do men say that the Son of man is? 14And they said, Some [say] John the Baptist; some, Elijah; and others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets. 15He saith unto them, But who say ye that I am? 16And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.


Matthew 17:10-13
10And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come? 11And he answered and said, Elijah indeed cometh, and shall restore all things: 12but I say into you, that Elijah is come already, and they knew him not, but did unto him whatsoever they would. Even so shall the Son of man also suffer of them. 13Then understood the disciples that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.


John 8:56-58

56Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it, and was glad. 57The Jews therefore said unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? 58Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was born, I am.


John 9:1-3
1And as he passed by, he saw a man blind from his birth. 2And his disciples asked him, saying, Rabbi, who sinned, this man, or his parents, that he should be born blind? 3 Jesus answered, Neither did this man sin, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

Vs. 3 above is an example of attempts to delete references to reincarnation from the Bible. The Aquarian Gospel now reveals to us (during these times of Revelations) exactly what Jesus actually said in response the question: Jesus responds - AG 138:4-13


Here are three references to the prophet, Elijah.

2 Kings 2:11
11 And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, [there appeared] a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, which parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.


Malachi 4:5
5Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of Jehovah come.


Luke 9:7-8
7Now Herod the tetrarch heard of all that was done: and he was much perplexed, because that it was said by some, that John was risen from the dead; 8and by some, that Elijah had appeared; and by others, that one of the old prophets was risen again.


Proverbs 8:22-31

22Jehovah possessed me in the beginning of his way, Before his works of old. 23I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, Before the earth was. 24When there were no depths, I was brought forth, When there were no fountains abounding with water. 25Before the mountains were settled, Before the hills was I brought forth; 26While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, Nor the beginning of the dust of the world. 27When he established the heavens, I was there: When he set a circle upon the face of the deep, 28When he made firm the skies above, When the fountains of the deep became strong, 29When he gave to the sea its bound, That the waters should not transgress his commandment, When he marked out the foundations of the earth; 30Then I was by him, [as] a master workman; And I was daily [his] delight, Rejoicing always before him, 31Rejoicing in his habitable earth; And my delight was with the sons of men.



















Jesus attained full human maturity during countless incarnations.  He did not bury his talents in the ground, but rather, he used what he had, and gained (as our Father requires).  Through faith, prayer, diligence and exercise of self-control, he overcame; and this is maturity.  After he attained maturity, God (our Father) sent him back to this earth, for one final incarnation – to live the life of Christ, and achieve Immortality.

Likewise, each one of us will one day attain human maturity, and be sent back (into a world selected by God) to live a life of Christ (a Messiah), and achieve Immortality.

“The Mystery” has been revealed! (during these times of Revelations).

The Aquarian Gospel (the life-story of Jesus and Miriam) clearly demonstrates how each man and each woman will eventually achieve this destiny.  What other destiny could possibly exist God’s Children?



























Isaiah 40:29,31  (American Standard Version 1901)

29He giveth power to the faint; and to him that hath no might he increaseth strength. …31but they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint. 


























Revelation: Chapter 10 – American Standard Version 1901


1And I saw another strong angel coming down out of heaven, arrayed with a cloud; and the rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire; 2and he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left upon the earth; 3and he cried with a great voice, as a lion roareth: and when he cried, the seven thunders uttered their voices. 4And when the seven thunders uttered [their voices], I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying, Seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. 5And the angel that I saw standing upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his right hand to heaven, 6and swear by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created the heaven and the things that are therein, and the earth and the things that are therein, and the sea and the things that are therein, that there shall be delay no longer: 7but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then is finished the mystery of God, according to the good tidings which he declared to his servants the prophets. 8And the voice which I heard from heaven, [I heard it] again speaking with me, and saying, Go, take the book which is open in the hand of the angel that standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. 9And I went unto the angel, saying unto him that he should give me the little book. And he saith unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but in thy mouth it shall be sweet as honey. 10And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and when I had eaten it, my belly was made bitter. 11And they say unto me, Thou must prophesy again over many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.





























“The Little Book,”
 The book that reveals God to the world.

(Why is it sweet and yet bitter?)


God has indeed given us a new book of scripture, because these are the times of Revelations; and many mystical mysteries are revealed in this sacred book.  The relationship between God and Man is no longer a mystery.  Now we can understand that, as His offspring, we all will eventually mature and be granted all the powers of our Father (like Jesus); because we are eternal spirit-beings, and this is our inheritance.  This revelation is the sweetness.


The bitterness is the realization that winning The Victory is extremely difficult.  This prize is known as “the pearl of greatest price” for good reason.  We have a very long and arduous trek ahead of us.  There are many difficult obstacles along The Way, yet we indeed have “no place else to go” (as Peter said to Jesus).


Many believers (especially those of Judeo-Christian traditions) find the information revealed in the Aquarian Gospel to be disappointing (as it digests).  We had “pinned our hopes” on God doing most of the work for us.  We had become comfortable with the notion that all we had to do was to live one good earthly life, and if we did our best to obey the commandments, then God would take over, and welcome us into eternal Heaven.


The Aquarian Gospel tells us that we must do all the work!  And it tells us that we must experience many more incarnations before we achieve immortality.  Each individual child of God, through much hard work, learning and dedication, must achieve Salvation.  God simply shows us the way.  Through his superior, more advanced and mature children (the prophets and Christ), He lights up “the Way;” but we must travel each step along this lengthy and difficult path.  THIS is the bitterness.  We want our Lord to do the work for us, because we are Lazy.


Many Christians have long held dear the belief that when Christ died for us, he atoned for all believers’ sins, and the gift of his sacrifice on the cross has freed us from guilt.  However, the Aquarian Gospel tells us that Jesus spent his life showing us how to forgive ourselves.  He traveled the way of the cross as a demonstration of what every one of us must eventually do: atone for ourselves, by giving our lives in sacrifice – demonstrating to others what he demonstrated to us – the life of Christ.  This Truth sets us free, and is food for our souls, but this Truth is bitter to digest.


Levi’s transcript was first published in 1908.  It is most commonly published as


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.”



More about sweetness and bitterness

This “little book” contains the life story of Jesus (as well as that of Miriam) and their story is indeed sweet, awesome and beautiful.  As very mature souls, they performed wondrous deeds, far beyond what we consider “normal human potential.”  Furthermore, their story includes the revelation that we all are eternal spirit-beings, Children of God, destined to attain maturity of soul, and thus become just like Jesus and His soul mate – capable of instantly healing sickness and injury by the power of thought (and much, much more). 


This revelation truly is sweet and pleasant “in the mouth,” as we realize that, as God’s children, all of us will (like Jesus) eventually be given all the powers of God.  However, as the awareness of our divine lineage begins to “digest,” the sweetness turns to bitterness, as we realize that we are immature souls who have a long, long way to go before we can become mature souls; and as we also realize that the trek each human soul must travel is not only extremely long, but is also arduous and difficult, and our Father requires a great deal of us as we make the lengthy journey; yet we have no place else to go.


The bitterness is deepened by the realization that The Victory (over our carnal desires, which each of us is required to attain) is extraordinarily elusive and difficult to accomplish.


However, there is cause for rejoicing, because the Age of Aquarius is poised to commence. 


The first day of the new age will be the Judgment Day.  All who are found worthy on that day will be admitted to a school of learning, where we will learn how to walk the straight and narrow way (the Return Path to Eden) which leads to major advancements in soul-maturity, and to considerable progress in human awareness of our oneness with God. 


On that first day (the great day of the Lord) the meek will receive their inheritance.


This glorious time of deific learning, the Aquarian Age, has also been called, “Heaven” (in some scripture).


Jesus prophesied that the world will experience a period of extreme faithlessness, selfishness and greed, and widespread horrible violence – just prior to the first day of the New Age, the Judgment Day; and in many areas, the earth will be baptized with human blood.  There will be many false and deluded prophets during these terrible times, and some will be very convincing, and they will deceive many.


But then the new age will commence.  This coming age will be an era of world peace and tranquility, and a wondrous period of spiritual learning.  During this remarkable, peaceful age we will be taught much about what is required of us (as God’s Children) so that we may learn how to grow and attain maturity – to eventually become just like our Father (as did two of our brethren, Jesus and Miriam). 


The marvelous New Age (The Age of Aquarius), in ancient scripture, has been referred to as “Heaven,” because during this impending epoch, all the peoples and nations of Earth will reside in Heaven – a state of mind; and all will comprehend The Most Sacred Truth, that God and Man are one!


Jesus explains all this (and much more) very clearly in the Aquarian Gospel.
































More Revelations
(based on a 2-decade study of The Aquarian Gospel)


The Aquarian Gospel explains the following additional Truths:
(during these times of Revelations)


God’s universal domain is ever expanding.  His realm always grows.  Thus, He periodically draws out a copious supply of God-seeds from within Himself (an infinite, eternal store) and He lavishly sows these seeds throughout vast expanses of His ever-expanding Universe.  We are those seeds – transplanted from God Himself, many ages ago.  Thus, we are God’s Children.


Furthermore, the stars (the suns, planets and galaxies) of this universe are physical manifests of the seven creative spirits of God, and Man resides on Earth-like worlds throughout the physical universe (along with Animal Kingdoms).  This world on which we live is therefore a living, divine creature – a manifest of God, and our sun (also a living creature) displays the power of God. 


When we live according to Our Father’s teachings and commandments, the Earth and the Sun gladly harmonize their great natural powers to serve us.  When we deviate from Our Father’s commandments and teachings, we cause catastrophes and “natural” disasters.  (This is why, when Jesus was nailed to the cross, the sun refused to shine.)  By our own misguided actions and thoughts, we misdirect and mis-use the powers of nature; because we are in control. 


Yet, we are out of control. 


The Biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Noah’s flood, are stories of how Mankind causes his own disasters.  However, in olden days, we were not mature enough to comprehend that we cause our own natural disasters, as well as personal tragedies.  Thus, we were told (in ancient books of scripture) that God did it, which was not untrue, because we (as His Children) are part of God, and we are subject to Our Father’s natural laws of repercussion. 


Human maturity is awareness of this, and wisdom is thinking and behaving accordingly.


We require many incarnations (during numerous ages of learning) before we are capable of comprehending that we are God’s children (deity-offspring), and finally realize we need to get control ……..(of ourselves).  Meanwhile, most of us remain out of control, and we therefore experience accidents, disease, misunderstandings, and every type of grief and unpleasantness.


After Judgment Day, all who are found worthy will be taught how to gain control, and as a result, we will (with help from Master-teachers) transform Earth into a peaceful paradise, and a school of spiritual learning. 


Only those who have striven to be sincere, kind, decent, just, and forgiving will be judged worthy – and be allowed to participate in the coming heavenly Age.  Masters will open The Book of God’s Remembrance on that critical day, and no one will be able to lie.


Judgment Day is near.


As God’s Children, all men and women are destined (after countless incarnations) to learn all our lessons, to reach full maturity, and to take up residence with our Father (as gods) in His ever-increasing, ever-expanding Universe.


Jesus, a fully mature soul, came here, to our Earth, to show us The Way.  He came to demonstrate to us what full human maturity look like.  He showed us the kind of life a mature child of God lives, when he incarnates into a physical world.  The incarnation of a fully mature child of God is called Christ – a full-fledged Son of God – a Messiah.  (Miriam, Jesus’ spiritual partner, gave us a rare glimpse of the female side of Christ.)


Until we achieve advanced maturity (and learn all our lessons) we youthful gods make many mistakes, which often bring pain, suffering and sorrow into our lives, including the awful illusion called “death,” which we experience over and over again – until we become as mature as our Lord.  It takes many ages for us to learn all our lessons. 


Through His elder and wiser children (the prophets), our Father always urges us on, so that we may learn our numerous lessons, including how to defeat all the causes of sadness, misery and death itself. 


Jesus is the eldest and wisest prophet ever to have graced our Earth.  His mission was to teach us many lessons, including victory over death.  He taught by word, and He taught by example.


Soon He will teach us more.  The return of Christ, the Messiah (along with the Judgment Day) is very near.  We must prepare.






























Hypocrites often are criminals-concealed, for they are willing to use any kind of treachery or deceit to achieve selfish, evil goals. They often appear to be pillars of communities, occupying positions as public servants, business leaders, or ministers and priests.  This is the “sheep’s clothing.”  Their treachery and deceit is the wolf behind the cloak. 


Yet, these deceivers are incapable of maintaining their fleece-coverings indefinitely, and eventually, their hidden selves are revealed (especially during these times of Revelations).  Thus, “by their fruits, we come to know them.”  This is why we often hear shocking reports of public servants and religious figures who are caught living depraved, dishonest and even murderous lifestyles.


Sometimes, when  people are able to see beneath “sheep’s clothing,” evil finds a way to compensate, by convincing large masses of people that depravity is noble; and many ”wolves” hide behind this fleecy falsehood. Thus, in recent times, we have witnessed the exaltation of many forms of hedonism, pornography and other pleasure-seeking lifestyles; and certain sectors of our culture no longer simply ask us to tolerate these perverted practices (as we have been willing), but now they demand that we elevate and revere them.  And some even go so far as to heap shame and ridicule upon those of us who decline to adopt their ways.


Furthermore, be aware that if someone makes a great show of promoting some “noble cause,” he (or she) is using the issue to hide some deep, dark secret (or some evil motivation) – lurking behind the fleecy display. 


When honest people promote noble causes, they do their work quietly and without fanfare.


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There are powers in the world that do not want people to learn about the sacred truths contained in the Aquarian Gospel.  Deceit (through lies and disinformation) is the primary weapon of evil.  Ridicule is the weapon of second choice.

































Only once during each “rolling of the ages.”





































Thus, the soldier who concludes that he must no longer wield any weapon (and steadfastly refuses to harm anyone) has overcome a major obstacle – on the long trek to soul-maturity.



































How can the life of Christ (and Paradise) be the destiny of every human being?


Since the foundation of the world, God determined that all those who overcome shall enter Paradise, and reside with Him forevermore.  After Judgment Day, those who have not overcome, but were judged worthy because they strove to live righteously and sincerely, will be shown how to overcome, and they will enter the Kingdom (where there is no death and no grief).


The rest must wait for new opportunities – In far distant times and places – when there will eventually be another Judgment Day.  But God’s eternal creation cycles are enormously long, and Judgment Days are extremely rare. Thus, in Eternity, everyone’s destiny is to finally overcome, and reside with our Father in His heavenly kingdom.


The times intervening between God’s harvests of human souls (Judgment Days) is so enormously long, that ancient teachers often referred to these durations as eternity.  And since all people, who have not entered Paradise, reside “where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth” (frequent grief), these same teachers sometimes referred to “the eternal suffering” of those judged unworthy.


We reside where there is “eternal suffering,” the place that is forever fraught with grief and disappointment, but during these times of Revelations, we have been given the knowledge of who we are, where we are, and how to escape.  The ticket to eternal peace and tranquility belongs to anyone who overcomes, anyone who acquires the Pearl of Greatest Price, by winning The Victory.


the truth is, in Eternity, all those, who failed to live honest, righteous lives (and are judged unworthy), are given new opportunities to incarnate again and again and again, until they eventually, finally learn to live righteously, and finally walk the return Path to Eden, and finally enter Paradise. (All because, in Eternity, God never abandons any of His lost
































Explanation of "a Perfect Man:" Every Man is composed to two people, a man and a woman.  When a Perfect Man stands before God, the man’s female counterpart stands with him – equally; for every man is only half a person and when a man becomes Perfect, his other half becomes Perfect along side of him – because they are ONE.  Therefore, Miriam (who stood at the foot of the cross and forgave the executioners) also became perfect, and she stands Perfect before God – beside her other half, Jesus.



























16) Death does not mean the end of life. The grave is not the goal of men, no more than is the earth the goal of seeds.
17) Life is the consequence of death. The seed may seem to die, but from its grave the tree arises into life.
18) So man may seem to die, but he lives on, and from the grave he springs up into life.
19) If you could comprehend the word that Moses spoke about the burning bush that burned and still was not consumed, then you would know that death cannot destroy the life.
20) And Moses said that God is God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel.
21) God is not God of dead men's bones, but the living man.
22) I tell you, men, man goes down to the grave, but he will rise again and manifest the life;
23) For every life is hid with Christ in God, and man shall live while God shall live.


AG 155:16-23





















6) God lives not in the noise of tongues; there is no way to him from any idol shrine.
7) God’s meeting place with man is in the heart, and in a still small voice he speaks; and he who hears is still.

8) And all the people said,
Teach us to know the Holy One who speaks within the heart, God of the still small voice.
9) And Jesus said,
The Holy Breath cannot be seen with mortal eyes; nor can men see the Spirits of the Holy One;
10) But in their image man was made, and he who looks into the face of man, looks at the image of the God who speaks within.
11) And when man honors man he honors God, and what man does for man, he does for God.
12) And you must bear in mind that when man harms in thought, or word or deed another man, he does a wrong to God.
13) If you would serve the God who speaks within the heart, just serve your near of kin, and those that are no kin, the stranger at your gates, the foe who seeks to do you harm;
14) Assist the poor, and help the weak; do harm to none, and covet not what is not yours;
15) Then, with your tongue the Holy One will speak; and he will smile behind your tears, will light your countenance with joy, and fill your hearts with peace.



Spoken by Jesus, Ch. 26:6-15






























3) And Jesus said,
The prophets all have told about this kingdom of the God, and it is just at hand; but men can never see it come.
4) It never can be seen with carnal eyes; it is within.
5) Lo, I have said, and now I say again, None but the pure in heart can see the king, and all the pure in heart are subjects of the king.
6) Reform, and turn away form sin; prepare you, O prepare! the kingdom is at hand.
7) And then he spoke to his disciples and he said,
The seasons of the son of man are past.
8) The time will come when you will wish above all else to see again one of these days; but you can see it not.
9) And many men will say, Lo, here is Christ; lo, there is Christ. Be not deceived; go not into their ways.
10) For when the son of man will come again no man need point the way; for as the lightning lights the heavens, so will the son of man light up the heavens and earth.
11) But, lo, I say, that many generations will have come and gone before the son of man shall come in power; but when he comes no one will say, Lo, here is Christ; lo, there.
12) But as it was before the flood in Noah's day, so shall it be. The people ate, they drank, were filled with merriment and sang for joy,
13) And did not know their doom until the ark was done and Noah entered in; but then the flood came on and swept them all away.
14) So, also, in the days of Lot; the people ate and drank; they bought, they sold, they planted and they reaped, they went their ways in sin, and they cared not;
15) But when the righteous Lot went from their city's gates the earth beneath the city shook, and brimstone fires fell from heaven;
16) The gapping jaws of earth flew wide, and swallowed up their homes, their wealth, and they went down to rise no more.
17) So shall it be when comes the son of man in power.
18) I charge you men, as I will charge men then, Seek not to save your wealth, or you will lose your lives. Go forth, and look not back upon the crumbling walls of sin. Do not forget Lot's wife.
19) Whoever tries to save his life will lose his life; whoever freely gives his life in serving life will save his life.
20) Then comes the sifting time. Two men will be in bed; one will be called, the other left; two women will be working side by side; one will be snatched away, the other left.


Ch 145






every one may have this Christ dwell in his soul, as Christ dwells in my soul.
8) The body is the temple of the king, and men may call a holy man a king.
9) He who will cleanse his mortal form and make it pure, so pure that love and righteousness may dwell unsullied side by side within its walls, is king.
10) The kings of earth are clothed in royal robes, and sit in state that men may stand in awe of them.
11) A king of heaven may wear a fisher's garb; may sit in mart of trade; may till the soil, or be a gleaner in the field; may be a slave in mortal chains;
12) May be adjudged a criminal by men; may languish in a prison cell; may die upon a cross.
13) Men seldom see what others truly are. The human senses sense what seems to be, and that which seems to be and that which is, may be diverse in every way.
14) The carnal man beholds the outer man, which is the temple of the king, and worships at his shrine.
15) The man of God is pure in heart; he sees the king; he sees with eyes of soul:
16) And when he rises to the plane of Christine consciousness, he knows that he himself is king, is love, is Christ, and so is son of God.
17) You men of Galilee, prepare to meet your king.
   Ch 71


……Men never know what other men have done, this life is such a seeming life.
4) One man may seem to do a mighty work, and be adjudged by men as worthy of a great reward.
5) Another man may seem to be a failure in the harvest fields of life, and be dishonored in the face of men.
6) Men do not know the hearts of men; God only knows the hearts of men, and when the day is done he may reward with life the man who fell beneath the burdens of the day, and turn away the man who was the idol of the hearts of men.

Ch 143





























Yes, one must read carefully, and one may read with skepticism. However, there is often a fine line between honest skepticism and prejudice.  If you approach this book with prejudice, you will not comprehend it’s precious message; if you read with an honest skepticism (and read carefully), you will comprehend.

































the time will come when all the world will rise, like gladiators in a ring, and fight just for the sake of shedding blood.
22) And men will reason not; they will not see, nor care to see a cause for carnage, desolation, thefts; for they will war with friend or foe.
23) The very air will seem surcharged with smoke of death; and pestilence will follow close upon the sword.
24) And signs that men have never seen will appear in heaven and earth; in sun, and moon, and stars.
25) The seas will roar, and sounds will come from heaven that men can never comprehend, and these will bring distress of nations with perplexity.
26) Hearts of the strongest men will faint in fear, in expectation of the coming of more frightful things upon the earth.
27) But while the conflicts rage on land and sea, the Prince of Peace will stand above the clouds of heaven and say again:
28) Peace, peace on earth; good will to men; and every man will throw away his sword, and nations will learn war no more.
29) And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky.
30) The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.
31) Before these days shall come, behold, false Christs and poor deluded prophets will arise in many lands.
32) And they will show forth signs, and do a multitude of mighty works; and they will lead astray the many who are not wise; and many of the wise will be deceived.
33) And now I tell you once again, When men shall say, The Christ is in the wilderness, go you not forth.
34) And if they say, The Christ is in the secret place, believe it not; for when he comes the world will know that he has come.
35) For as the morning light comes from the east and shines unto the west; so shall be the coming of the age and son of man.
36) The wicked of the earth will weep when they shall see the son of man come down upon the clouds of heaven, in power.
37) Take heed you, O take heed, for you know not the hour nor the day when comes the son of man.
38) Let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared.
39) Keep watch at every season of the year; and pray that you may meet the Lord with joy and not with grief.
40) Before these days shall come our Father-God will send his messengers abroad, yea, to the corners of the earth, and they will say.
41) Prepare you, O prepare; the Prince of Peace shall come, and now is coming on the clouds of heaven.

42) When Jesus had thus said, he went with his disciples back to Bethany.

Chapter 157















Preparing your mind to learn



A child sees the stars in the sky and wonders what they are.  In this scientific age, he (or she) soon learns that our sun is a star, and that the stars are very distant suns.  Then he learns that many points of light in the nocturnal sky are actually very distant groups of stars called galaxies, and each galaxy contains hundreds of millions of stars; and that Science has not discerned where the universe “ends,” or if it has no end and is infinite.


The child who has learned this much about the universe has a very different perspective regarding the nighttime sky than when she (or he) first viewed the stars, and wondered about them.


Religious traditions tell us of a “Plan of Salvation.”  When one hears of this plan, he or she is like the child who first takes notice of the stars in the night sky.  As youthful “children of God,” most of us have only a fuzzy idea of God’s Plan, and many even doubt that it exists. 


Prepare your mind to learn something new.  After you have read (and absorbed) the information in this publication (and the Aquarian Gospel) you will have a new perspective on the Plan of Salvation.  Like a child’s developmental comprehension of the physical Universe, you will learn that the Plan of Salvation is far greater and far more extensive than you may have previously imagined.  Prepare Your Mind.



Return to   Return Path to Eden


























The Aquarian Gospel has been translated into many languages.  Here are three:  (Thanks to California Steve for this info.)


German -, and search, levi h dowling....The title in German is: Das Wassermann-Evangelium Von Jesus dem Christus (Broschiert)
von Levi H. Dowling




French  - "Leymarie" éditions - librairie

Addresse : 42 rue Saint Jacques 75005 Paris
Tel : +33
Fax: +33

You might have to order the French version by fax.  You would probably have to order it with a credit card.

It is called, "L'Evangile du Verseau" in French...ISBN: 2-86579-021-3




Spanish - amazon links below,


Evangelio Acuariano de Jesus, El Cristo de La Era de Piscis (Paperback)
by Levi H. Dowling (Author)





























Yes, Jesus taught that even hatred is simply an indulgence in base desires, and indeed every sin is a form of self-indulgence.  He grew up in an Essene household.  Master teachers of this sect taught that, in order to find one’s spirit self (the part that is also a part of God), one must distance one’s self from all carnal indulgences (both physical and psychological).


Thus, Essene faithful seldom feasted, and when they did, they used careful moderation, and they practiced frequent fasting as well as long periods of sexual abstinence.  They practiced meditation daily, and furthermore, they avoided all actions or words that would tend to enhance one’s social esteem, as they recognized that pride and ambition are psychological indulgences.



























All of us have always been one with God, “at the core,” but not “through and through.”  He who conquers all indulgence-tendencies (overcomes the carnal self) has become one with God through and through, and all of us are required to achieve this.  He who is always moving closer to this achievement experiences a peaceful, rewarding life; whereas, he (or she) who deviates from the path of our requirement experiences many types of grief and misery.
























On our national day of Thanksgiving (and every day) we pray, Father: Thank you for our success, and for this abundance and this feast, and for the company of friends and family.  Help us to enjoy this celebration with cautious moderation of our appetites.  And thank you for the feast that is life itself; and protect us, oh Lord, from temptations to adopt pop culture’s reckless abandonment of moral standards and self-restraint – important values which your faithful servants taught us through sacred Scripture.  And help us, oh Lord, to prepare for the coming day of Judgment.  Amen.































26) And when the chief men of the town poured out the sparkling wine and offered John a cup, he took it, held it high in air, and said,
27) Wine makes glad the carnal heart, and it makes sad the human soul; it plunges deep in bitterness and gall the deathless spirit of the man.
28) I took the vow of Nazar when a child, and not a drop has ever passed my lips.
29) And if you would make glad the coming king, then shun the cup as you would shun a deadly thing.
30) And then he threw the sparking wine out in the street……

….And (Jesus said) when life's heavy load is pressing hard, it is far better to go out and seek a quiet place to pray and meditate.








The Review
Part V


Into the Light


Shortly after the day of reckoning (and during the new age), master-teachers will help us look back on our own history, and see how we caused all our own tragedies and disasters – through carelessness, ignorance and self indulgence; because, as Descendants of God, we have always had, at our disposal, powers much greater than we knew, and we were like infants and toddlers in possession of dangerous, powerful tools.  We will finally understand why World History was filled with violence, suffering and an endless series of conflicts, wars and tragedies.


We will also learn that our suffering could have been much worse, because our Father-God has (throughout History) severely restricted our access to our inherent divine powers; and therefore, our ability to inflict pain and suffering upon ourselves (by misusing them) has always been mercifully limited.  Furthermore, the Ten Commandments, given to us long ago, served humanity well, by minimizing the self-inflicted suffering (of those who observed and kept them).


All who attend the coming Age of Aquarius (a sacred school), will eventually be given full access to intrinsic human powers, along with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Thus, we will no longer harm ourselves by misusing our natural powers; and we will be well prepared to teach others. 


In due time, we will be sent (by incarnation) to worlds filled with less mature souls, and we will lead them (a few at a time) out of the darkness of ignorance, into the Light of understanding – just as many elder human brothers and sisters are now leading us (a few at a time) out of darkness (away from the shadow of the grave), into the Light! 


(And Jesus is the chief teacher – leading us to illumination.)


Our Lord, the Messiah, was a very advanced human soul, who had already spent many incarnations bringing the Light of understanding to despondent, lost souls – that they may learn to tread the way of joy and happiness, instead of trudging along the path of sadness and misery. 


By thus serving mankind, he had acquired the strength to display our oneness with God.  He received the Divine Inheritance, which our Father patiently waits to give to each and every one of us; because we are His descendants – we are His offspring – we are His Children! 


What is the Divine Inheritance?  It is unfettered access to divine power.  This most precious legacy is granted only to souls mature enough to employ heavenly powers wisely (like Jesus).


Our Lord, Jesus, made it emphatically clear that he is not God, but simply, a man (a child of God) who had matured, and had therefore received his inheritance: he had become just like our Father – indistinguishable from God, the Father of all beings.


Through faith, prayer and diligence, our Lord conquered his carnal nature (not just once, but many times – during many incarnations); and he thereby became a full-fledged Son of God, and he invites all who hear him to do the same – to follow his brilliant, shining example, and thereby become just like him (as he became just like our Father). 


We are not expected to become totally like Messiah during one incarnation, but whenever the life of Christ is revealed to any human being, he (or she) is required to honestly and sincerely emulate the Lord.  And within Eternity, there is no limit to the number of incarnations God can give us, enabling us to emulate His Son – in pursuit of our destiny.  (And we must always do our best.)


Jesus spoke and acted (in every earthly situation) as our Father Himself would speak and act.  He truly became indistinguishable from God.  Through Jesus, God the Father revealed Himself! 


And this is Christ, the Messiah – Immanuel.  And this is an Avatar – a Son of God.  And this is the ultimate destiny of every human being!  What other destiny could exist for God’s descendants?  What other destiny could exist for beings that, God Himself said, are His children?



The Review
Part VI


The Beacon Light


God sends a Messianic Christ to Earth very rarely – at the beginning of each age. (An age lasts a little longer than 2,000 years -- and so, the Age of Aquarius is about to commence.)


Furthermore, Jesus indicated, as Judgment Day approaches, men and women will be compelled to follow the Christ – to walk The Return Path to Eden.  And this is how The Kingdom is now coming upon the clouds of heaven.  Silently, and unnoticed, the Kingdom arrives!  Yet, only a few at a time enter Paradise.  (The last are first, and the first, last.)


Meanwhile, ignorant, less mature souls continue sowing (and harvesting) fields of grief – experiencing self-made disasters, tragedies and tribulations – during these end-times.  (And they, unknowingly, wait for elder and wiser brothers and sisters to lead them to the Light.)


Jesus, our elder brother, came to show us The Way.¹  His life is our example – freely given to us – a beacon light in the night.  His life (and Miriam’s) is proof that all men and women can recover from “the fall of Man,” and become free.  Indeed, he taught that God, our Father, requires this of every one of us.


And He demands that we always do our best (or experience grievous consequences).  He (and His angels, and many master-souls, and other holy spirits) go to great lengths, and employ intense divine labor, to provide us with the space-time dimensions, where we may incarnate and learn countless important lessons.  We must not be wasteful of these gifts.  Wasting our time (and God’s) is serious sin, and sin always brings grief.


Furthermore, Christ taught that those who do not listen to his words, and pay heed, can never enter Paradise – until they finally do open their ears, and pay heed (in this, or in some future incarnation).  Everyone eventually opens his ears, pays heed, and follows Christ to Paradise. 


However, it is possible to lose one’s soul along the lengthy journey we travel.  The person who loses his or her soul is then required to begin the long, long voyage anew (because there is a part of every human being, deep within each soul, that can never be destroyed – the part that is also part of God, and makes us His descendants.)


He created us by transplanting tiny pieces of Himself, and nourishing and watering the soil; just as a gardener can transplant small pieces of certain flowers or vegetables, “creating” new plants – identical to the original.


Loss of soul is the most fearsome and grievous punishment that can occur.  It is excruciatingly painful, as the process is a long, slow disintegration of soul – called the second death.  People who are persistently (and defiantly) deceitful, proud, dishonest and insincere, or extraordinarily selfish (without repentance and remorse), experience this most fearsome tragedy.




The Review
Part VII


The Way


The fall of Man occurred when we (along with Adam and Eve) decided to bite into “the apple of carnal pleasure” (a long, long time ago) and became addicted; and, in order to return to Paradise, we must spit out the apple and retrace our steps; and we do so by conquering our addiction – by winning The Victory. 


This is the only way to return to Eden.  Thus, Jesus, who walked the way unwaveringly, said, “I am The Way.”  And, he also revealed, “Every man will eventually do and say everything I have said and done.”  (We have no place else to go.)


And during the glorious age (the coming age of Aquarius) men and women will acquire the learning foundation that will enable us to one day go forth, and do and say everything he said and did (and everything Miriam said and did).


However, Our Lord made it unambiguously clear that those who do not prevail over all our carnal appetites and cravings, experience the illusion called death; and those who waste precious opportunities, persistently pursuing (instead of overcoming) the physical and psychological desires of the selfish self, experience tragic, frightening and painful repercussions (including a difficult death). 


Thus, they who have sown seeds of responsibility, kindness and exceptional self-restraint, experience stability, tranquility and an enjoyable life (here and hereafter); while selfish, deceitful, and indulgent souls reap fields of desolation, disease, misery and grief (both here and hereafter), even if their indulgence was secretive, and regardless of the fact that they may have been regarded, by the world, as a laudable public servant, a celebrated hero, a magnificent artist or performer, a priest, preacher, rabbi, cardinal, minister, a famous evangelist, or a living saint.


Worldly reputation and conventional public opinion are often far removed from God’s view of a man or woman. 




The Review


The Life of Christ


Jesus taught that those who make an honest effort to subjugate the desires of the selfish self, and achieve steady, measurable progress, experience a satisfying, peaceful life, and after a merciful death, they are given a pleasant rest period, followed by new opportunities to defeat incarnate impulses.


Furthermore, during each generation, a few succeed in completely vanquishing all the carnal passions and flesh desires; and by so doing, they have found the treasure hidden in a field, and have “gone and sold all they had, and purchased the field.”  In different words, they have acquired the pearl of greatest price (and during their Earthly stay, they reap the blessings of Isaiah 40:29 & 31).  They attain eternal life.


These Victorious souls simply discard the physical body at the appropriate time – without experiencing death; and in due time, they go on, to incarnate into worlds (selected by God, our Father) where they serve as sages, seers and prophets (many times) until they finally achieve oneness with God – by living the life of Christ – and Jesus is our example.


           (Note:  Most of us, youthful souls, usually reincarnate into the same world many times.)


Our Lord came here, to our world; he incarnated here and achieved oneness!  He lived the life of Christ, which is everyone’s ultimate destiny.  Thus, he said, “You may follow me.”  His life story truly is our beacon-light in the night.


Anyone who wins the Victory over self, in the same magnificent manner that Jesus did, achieves not only eternal life, but also immortality! (which means, no more incarnations are required), and immortality belongs to everyone; because everyone eventually overcomes; and eventually, everyone overcomes as magnificently as our Lord.


Jesus stated that each person, as a child of God, has within himself, all the attributes of our Father, but our divine powers are bridled by the flesh desires; and anyone (man or woman) who triumphs over the carnal appetites and passions, has unbridled his divine attributes, and he or she can (in the name of God) heal the sick, cast out evil spirits, calm violent storms, walk on water – and even raise the dead.


Jesus also taught that he is simply our elder brother (and his partner, Miriam, is our elder sister), and they came to demonstrate to us how to attain Eternal Life, and gain access to divine power – and to eventually attain Immortality.  God (our Father) requires all of us to achieve these, for this is our inheritance.  He gives each of us as many incarnations as necessary, and He demands that we always do our best. 


Any person, who breaks one of our Father’s commandments, retreats from God, and experiences grief, the wage of sin.  Anyone who obeys the ten commands, advances on the path to Salvation, and moves closer to God.  Furthermore, anyone who keeps the commandments, and also follows the path of Christ (by defeating the carnal self), has become a servant of God, and lives a joyful, peaceful existence, and never suffers grief – even if hypocrites take his life! 




The Review
Part IX


The Final Days

The Aquarian Gospel also reveals that Christ the Messiah comes to Earth at the beginning of every age (to demonstrate the deific powers of Man), and an age lasts a little longer than 2,000 years.  Jehoshua (Yeh-shoo-a)* came at the dawning of the Age of Pisces, which is now coming to a close – as the new age, the Age of Aquarius, dawns.

Jesus also stated that during the final days of the age, many mystifying, remarkable signs will appear on Earth and in the heavens, accompanied by an intense surge of appalling global strife, violence and warfare, and huge catastrophes.  “Hearts of the strongest men will faint in fear…”  Furthermore, false prophets and Christ-imposters will arise in many lands, and they will deceive the unwise (and many of the wise).  Then suddenly, at the height of the pervasive violent chaos and turmoil, Christ the Messiah will make His presence known – by making an announcement, and all the world will hear. 


No one will doubt who has spoken; and all combatants will hastily discard their weapons – marking the end of warfare on Earth; and Judgment Day will quickly occur. 


Many strange and baffling signs have been seen on Earth for years now, and there have been frequent reports of mystifying sights and sounds in the skies, worldwide.  (Although, most governments have denied that these events occur, or explain them away as mass hysteria, or as ordinary natural phenomena misidentified.) 


And need I point out that appalling violence and wars and huge disasters abound?  And people who consider themselves “prophets” seem to be everywhere. 


It’s clear we are rapidly approaching the horrible crescendo (which our Lord said would precede the Messiah announcement).  One can just feel it: the final days are very close, and may already be “in progress.”


(Jesus describes the final days, and the event some people call “the rapture.”)




The Review
Part X


Understanding our Lord’s invitation, “Come, Follow Me”


Those found worthy on the forthcoming Judgment Day will enter a sacred, higher school of learning (right here on Earth – the inheritance of the meek).  Here we will be taught how to live the life that leads directly to the attainment of Eternal Life. 


In this sacred school (a school for future prophets) we will learn the secret of how to recall (in future incarnations) all that we will learn here, so that we may go forth, and visit other worlds (by incarnation) and live the lives of prophets – many times – just as Jesus did.  Then, like him, each of us will eventually become so advanced, that we can finally live a perfect life – the life of Christ the Messiah – and be a Savior for a world, and thereby become immortal – just as Jesus did! 


Now we can fully understand the deeper meaning of our Lord’s words, “come, follow me.”


The life Jesus and Miriam lived here 2,000 years ago is the life every man and woman will one day live.  This is the destiny of every child of God.  This is full human maturity. 


Those found unworthy on Judgment day will not enter God’s higher school of learning; they will experience death, and most of these will then reincarnate into other worlds (that are still many ages away from their Judgment Day).  There, they will live and die, and live again (many, many times), until the next Judgment Day – a long, long time indeed. 


(Some of the unworthy will lose their souls altogether – a tragedy called the second death.  Yet, each of these unfortunate ones will eventually acquire a new soul, and begin the Salvation process all over again – because we are eternal beings; and God owns Eternity.) 


The Aquarian Gospel tells us how to prepare for the imminent day of reckoning (the first day of the new age – very near), and furthermore, Jesus advised: “…none can tell the hour nor the daykeep watch at every season of the year... let not your hearts be overcharged with sensuous things, nor with the cares of life, lest that day come and find you unprepared... and pray (each day) that you may meet the Lord with joy, and not with grief.”  ²




The Review
Part XI


The Ark of the Covenant


This concludes this brief summary of Levi’s sacred book.  They who carefully read his precious transcript of Jesus’ life (and comprehend) have found the Holy Grail (The Cup of Life), and nothing less; and they who faithfully adhere to the Way of Life Jesus reveals in this hallowed text, can, in due time, find (and open) the Ark of the Covenant – a boundless treasure that belongs to everyone who can find it. ³


And we can be sure that Levi found, and opened it.  Otherwise, he could not have known how to peer back in time, and present us with the most precious gift ever given to Mankind – a comprehensive, accurate eyewitness account of Jesus’ life – The Aquarian Gospel.


This publication (Return Path to Eden) is dedicated to helping people become aware of (and familiar with) the most important book ever written, and The Greatest Story Ever Told:

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

(During these times of Revelations)




*Jesus’ Hebrew name


1. Chapter 26:24            2. Chapters 112:16 & 157:38-39               3. Chapter 40      



























“And wicked men will seize you in the streets, and as you kneel in prayer; will charge you with some legal crime, and think they serve their God by putting you to death.
20) But falter not; the load will heavy be, but with the consciousness of duty done, the peace of God will lift the load, dispel the pain and light the way.
21) And we will meet where carnal executioners come not; there we will serve the cruel men, who in their ignorance had tortured us to death.
22) Can we prevent this outrage and this slaughter of our lives? If not we are but creatures of the ebb and flow of carnal things. It would not be a sacrifice of life.
23) But we are masters of the things of time. Lo, we can speak, and all the spirits of the fire, water, earth and air will stand in our defense.
24) We can command and many legions of the angel world would come and strike our enemies to earth.
25) But it is best that not a power of heaven or earth should come to our relief. And it is best that even God should veil his face and seem to hear us not.
26) As I am pattern unto you, so you are patterns for the human race. We show by non-resistance that we give our lives in willing sacrifice for man.”

(AG 127:19-26)








































“Man is the delegate of God to do his will on earth, and man can heal the sick, control the spirits of the air, and raise the dead.
40) Because I have the power to do these things is nothing strange. All men may gain the power to do these things; but they must conquer all the passions of the lower self; and they can conquer if they will…  What I have done, all men will do; and what I am, all men will be.”


(chapter 91, v. 39-40 and chapter 176, v. 30)





























You may wonder, how can I say, “there is no death?”


This brings us to the definition of death.  Death is the traumatic, difficult passing of the soul from the body, followed by an unpleasant stay in Nature’s purifying fires.  People, who have learned to always grow in the right direction, simply exit the physical body in a painless, easy way (at the proper time), and then they enter a very pleasant region of the realm of souls, where they remain until their next incarnation.  Thus, they do not experience death (by the definition given above).  Furthermore, these men and women can recall past lives and past visits to the realm of souls.  They possess memory-continuity.  This is eternal life.


And so, for the person who has conquered selfishness, passing on is like the end of a day (in the life of his or her soul) and the passing is like going to sleep, and there are sweet dreams, and there are valuable learning experiences – in preparation for the next incarnation.  In comparison, the person, who has not overcome the selfish self, experiences a frightening (and emotionally difficult passing) often accompanied by great physical discomfort, and the purifying fires are like a nightmare.


You may wonder, “what about Jesus’ death upon the cross?…his crucifixion certainly doesn’t sound like an easy, painless exiting of the body.”  The answer to this question is best explained in Jesus’ own words.


For the selfish person, the intensity of the suffering during the exiting of the body is proportional to the degree of selfishness, and the intensity of the purification process is also proportional.  Furthermore, these people experience great difficulty remembering past lives, and their recall is (at best) disjointed and confusing.  Furthermore, they have no desire to recall any purification experiences.


People (who have lived selfishly) may attempt to escape the trauma of death by employing drug-induced death or by means of some other “painless” method, however the mental anguish leading up to the moment of passing on is excruciating for them, and their purification process (we can be sure) is equally unpleasant.





























“This leaven of truth which I have brought to men will stir the demons up, and nations, cities, families will be at war within themselves.
12) The five that have been dwelling in a home of peace will be divided now, and two shall war with three;
13) The son will stand against his sire; the mother and the daughter will contend; yea, strife will reign in every home.
14) The self and greed and doubt will rage into a fever heat, and then, because of me, the earth will be baptized in human blood.
15) But right is king; and when the smoke is cleared away the nations will learn war no more; the Prince of Peace will come to reign…..


   (When the time is close)……

 “men will reason not; they will not see, nor care to see a cause for carnage, desolation, thefts; for they will war with friend or foe.
23) The very air will seem surcharged with smoke of death; and pestilence will follow close upon the sword.
24) And signs that men have never seen will appear in heaven and earth; in sun, and moon, and stars.
25) The seas will roar, and sounds will come from heaven that men can never comprehend, and these will bring distress of nations with perplexity.
26) Hearts of the strongest men will faint in fear, in expectation of the coming of more frightful things upon the earth.
27) But while the conflicts rage on land and sea, the Prince of Peace will stand above the clouds of heaven and say again:
28) Peace, peace on earth; good will to men; and every man will throw away his sword, and nations will learn war no more.
29) And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky.
30) The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.
31) Before these days shall come, behold, false Christs and poor deluded prophets will arise in many lands.
32) And they will show forth signs, and do a multitude of mighty works; and they will lead astray the many who are not wise; and many of the wise will be deceived….


Be ready every moment of the day and night, because when you expect him not, the Lord will come.
34) Behold, when he will come with all his messengers of light, the Book of Life, and that of Records, shall be opened up - the books in which the thoughts and words and deeds are written down.
35) And every one can read the records he has written for himself, and he will know his doom before the judge shall speak, and this will be the sifting time.
36) According to their records men will find their own.
37) The judge is Righteousness, the king of all the earth, and he will separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and goats.
38) The sheep will find their places on the right, the goats upon the left, and every man will know his place.
39) And then the judge will say, to those upon the right, You blessed of the Father-God, come unto your inheritance, which was prepared for you from times of old.”
(AG 113:11-15, 157: 22-32, 158:33-39))


(Jesus described the times preceding Judgment Day again.)


“…as it was before the flood in Noah's day, so shall it be. The people ate, they drank, were filled with merriment and sang for joy,
13) And did not know their doom until the ark was done and Noah entered in; but then the flood came on and swept them all away.
14) So, also, in the days of Lot; the people ate and drank; they bought, they sold, they planted and they reaped, they went their ways in sin, and they cared not;
15) But when the righteous Lot went from their city's gates the earth beneath the city shook, and brimstone fires fell from heaven;
16) The gapping jaws of earth flew wide, and swallowed up their homes, their wealth, and they went down to rise no more.
17) So shall it be when comes the son of man in power.
18) I charge you men, as I will charge men then, Seek not to save your wealth, or you will lose your lives. Go forth, and look not back upon the crumbling walls of sin. Do not forget Lot's wife.

19) Whoever tries to save his life will lose his life; whoever freely gives his life in serving life will save his life.
20) Then comes the sifting time. Two men will be in bed; one will be called, the other left; two women will be working side by side; one will be snatched away, the other left.”

(AG 145:12-20)













































18) Rejoice when evil men shall drive you from their ways and cause your name to be a hiss and by-word in the street.
19) I say, rejoice; but deal in mercy with the doers of the wrong; they are but children at their play; they know not what they do.
20) Rejoice not over fallen foes. As you help men rise from the depth of sin, so God will help you on to greater heights.



(Chapter 95, vs 18-20   Sermon on the Mount)




































They will be cast into the purifying fires, and in due time, will begin new incarnation-cycles in distant worlds, and will eventually, after many ages, face another Judgment Day.  And if necessary, will face another….and so on.  These vast Judgment cycles continue eternally; and by this divine plan, every human being (every God-seed) eventually fulfills his or her destiny.












God’s unbounded Universe continuously expands – eternally, and new souls are continuously created – eternally.

And every single new soul experiences a gigantic learning process, which consists of two major components:

The Fall, followed by the Redemption.  The result is an endless stream men and women who eventually attain

soul-maturity – an ever increasing number of perfected souls – called Christ.