Aquarian Gospel FAQs

Compiled by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Q  What is the Aquarian Gospel?

A  The full story of the life of Jesus.


Q  How is the Aquarian Gospel different than the four gospels of Christian scripture?

A  This Gospel includes much more detail than traditional Christian scripture.  It was written by a direct eyewitness of Jesus’ entire life (as the sacred story unfolded before his eyes), and it has never been edited (except for a few grammar and spelling corrections).  The transcriber of the Aquarian Gospel witnessed the entire life of Messiah – from the birth of Mary, His mother, to the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, and all that transpired between.


Q  How can this be?

A  The Book of God’s Remembrance contains all events that have ever occurred; it is a recording, imprinted on disc-like plates smaller than atoms, and we live in the times of Revelations!   Every event leaves photonic imprints on these radiant sub-atomic particles, which continuously emit extremely fine energy waves.  These bits of energetic matter are always in the air and water, and after any event (great or small), they quickly disperse to every place on Earth, and thus, any master (who knows how) can view any event of World History. 


Gifted people (known as psychics and remote viewers) are sometimes able to sense some of this energy emanating from past events, and thus, they have helped solve crimes, and have located lost or stolen items.


Levi H Dowling, the transcriber of the Aquarian Gospel, was a master-mind, and he knew how to open God’s sacred book.  He learned how to fine-tune mind-receptors to the frequencies of nature’s tiny transmissions.  He was strong enough to open the Book of God’s Remembrance (a huge book – also known as The Akashic Records) where all past events are permanently recorded.  Levi spent 40 years learning how to fine-tune his mind to the energy waves of the past (“the book” that will be wide open on Judgment Day). 


Levi transcribed the Aquarian Gospel (the “little book”) from nature’s huge book.  This little book (mentioned in the Book of Revelation) is a perfect, comprehensive description of Jesus’ life; and consequently, all who have ever thirsted for precious crucial information (mysteriously missing from both Christian and Jewish scripture) can now be satisfied.  (And, as stated in the book of Revelation, the information in the little book is “sweet ” to consume, but “bitter” to digest.) 


Q  Is there persuasive, logical evidence that the immense “book of records” actually exists?  And is there convincing evidence that human minds can receive coherent audio-visual transmissions from these mystic archives?

A  Most of us know of someone who can perform remarkable feats, using “psychic powers” or “remote viewing techniques.”  Authentic psychics and remote viewers simply catch momentary glimpses (or impressions) of nature’s hidden recording, however they do not possess the mental dexterity needed to precisely tune the human mind.  They are unable to fully “open the book.” 


Learning to fine-tune the etheric human mind receptors requires many years of serious dedication and strenuous practice (as well as Divine blessing).  Although psychics and remote viewers can sense the energy emanating from the Akashic Records, they are unable to view past events clearly, precisely and sequentially, nor can they “pause and replay” at will, as Levi did.  (This precise control enabled Levi to present us with a perfect transcript of sacred historical events – exactly as they occurred.)


And the most important

Question: Since anyone can claim to have transcribed a document from mystic chronicles, how can one be sure the Aquarian Gospel is authentic and genuine, and not just a sham and a cruel hoax?


Text Box:       Just read the Aquarian Gospel (carefully and completely), and you will know.



To read carefully, with a sincere, warm heart and an open mind, is to be wise, and the wise can understand.  “None but the pure in heart can recognize the King.”


Any honest, discerning soul, who carefully and comprehensively reads this sacred text, is sure to recognize the awesome, profound truths contained within.  The clear, incisive ideas and concepts of the Aquarian Gospel penetrate so deep into the heart of the astute, sincere reader, that he (or she) soon realizes (with certainty) that Levi’s transcript of Jesus’ life is authentic and genuine; and that, through Jesus, God spoke.  Indeed, through Jesus, God revealed Himself.  Thus, the desire to carefully read and re-read becomes compelling.



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