Return Path to Eden


A message from the Sounds of Silence

(all about karma, and much more; and why it’s wise to fast and meditate)


(Honest people may comprehend this.)


The following discourse is based on a 35-year study of the Aquarian Gospel.



A report (and book review) by Michael F. O’Keeffe


Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!


God has given us a new book of Scripture:
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911)


The Aquarian Gospel is the book that reveals God to the world (during these times of Revelations),

and this publication unveils our relationship with our Father, and clearly explains His plan of salvation. 

Read carefully.


Christ was recognized as a son of God by only a few 2,000 years ago, and likewise, during present times,

the book that reveals the mystery of Christ to the world is recognized and understood by only a few.

But soon all will comprehend.  The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.

Who has ears to hear, let him hear.


The great mystery of life: it’s all about maturation of souls.

We all are divine offspring, and we all must attain maturity.  The story of Jesus’ life is our example of a mature soul.

He knew about The Greatest Paradox:  He who restrains himself is free.  He knew that Heaven is not a place;

it’s a state of mind – requiring extensive, constant effort to achieve (and maintain).

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of Man shall never die.”



The Good News


(What I learned during my 35-year study)


Traditional Christian doctrine teaches that God became a man (by incarnating) as the person known as Jesus of Nazareth.  Actually, it’s the other way ‘round.  Jesus was a wise and holy man who became one with God.  His soul merged with the Holy Spirit.


Jesus had attained maturity of soul (during many previous incarnations), and during his final incarnation (as a Jew,  2,000+ years ago), he became a full-grown, totally mature offspring of our Father.  [And he implores us to follow him, because our Father wants all his children to attain adulthood of soul, and Jesus’ duty was to teach us (youthful souls) how to achieve this kind of maturity; he is simply our elder brother.]


As a mature deific descendant (unified with our Father), Jesus received his natural inheritance – full access to the three divine attributes: power, wisdom and love. 


Because of his access to these heavenly traits, Jesus became indistinguishable from the Divine, and our Father could speak and act through him.  This is perfection.  And this is what we all (children of God) are destined to attain.   (Jesus leads the way.)  We can do this because we experience many incarnations in the earthly realm and we are always learning. 


However, our natural maturation process is long, gradual, and difficult, and we learn slowly.  [And there are many snares and pitfalls on the road of life; and foolish mistakes (sins) can cause one to lose ground, to slide backwards on the journey to maturity.  One can backtrack this way a little or a lot.  For example, those who choose to live very sinful lives (such as proud, dishonest hypocrites and murderers) can lose all the ground (all the soul-maturity) they had achieved during hundreds of previous incarnations.]


Jesus came to show us the way, and he came to tell us how to avoid all the perilous snares and pitfalls on our lengthy journey to perfection.  He said, “I am the way.”  He said, “I am your brother-man, just come to show the way,” …”you may follow me,”  ...and “you must always be vigilant.”  His life is our example of human perfection, which we all must attain.  (And we all will.)


Jesus explained that, as divine offspring, we all are eternal spirit-beings; and we all experience many, many incarnate lives – all filled with learning opportunities; and therefore, every human being is destined to learn and grow, and eventually (and finally) achieve full soul-maturity, and to become one with God, and inherit the three divine attributes.  (Simply stated, we all are ordained to eventually achieve human perfection! …like Jesus.)  We have no place else to go.


He taught that all our successive incarnations provide us with opportunities to make decisions.  Correct decisions cause beautiful, symmetrical growth of soul; whereas, wrong decisions cause us to slide back, and cause wayward, ungainly growth of soul. 


However, a person who makes a wrong decision is given opportunities to make the same decision again and again and yet again, until he gets it right – re-establishing appropriate soul-growth.  Unfortunately, some insist on making poor decisions over and over, and seldom take advantage of opportunities to get it right.  These souls are sure to experience the purifying fires between incarnations, where all wayward growth of soul is burned away, so that the next incarnation can be a fresh start (a new beginning).  And this is how we learn and grow, and eventually (and finally) achieve full soul-maturity.  (The purifying fires are difficult to endure.)  (The repetition of decision-making opportunities explains many Déjà vu events.)


And when a soul has finally achieved full maturity, this person will incarnate again, somewhere within infinite time and space, and do and say everything Jesus said and did (on a world somewhere in our Father’s unbounded universe!).  This is each soul’s final incarnation.  This is our ultimate destiny!  And this long, long journey constitutes the Return Path to Eden.  (Few at a time achieve this.)  Yet, as children of our Father, we have indeed, no place else to go.


God’s plan is revealed!


Yes, His plan is revealed  --  during these times of Revelations.


And now (finally) we can fully comprehend the profound meaning of Jesus’ words, “you may follow me.”


One may ask, what about women’s roles? ...How do women become perfect?  Answer: Jesus’ soulmate, Miriam, became perfect along side of him, as she stood at the base of the cross and wept, while her heart forgave the ignorant brutes who directed and carried out Jesus’ awful execution.  (Furthermore, it may be possible for a soul to sometimes incarnate as male and sometimes as female.)


Jesus’ life, depicted in the Aquarian Gospel, shows us how to make great strides toward soul-maturity.  This book shows us The Way.


[There is a new, easy-to-read version of the Aquarian Gospel at the jaggoon website, and more commentary at this site.]


Each one of us always receives a continuous stream of opportunities to advance on the path to maturity.  But as children, we resist growth; we like the carefreeness of immaturity.  Thus, we tend to avoid making decisions that promote maturity.  Growth of soul requires difficult, unselfish decision-making (regarding self-control, decency, responsibility and service).  We don’t want to make these hard choices.  We would rather retain the ignorant bliss of youth – to be free of adult, divine-like responsibility – free to indulge in the fun, folly and pleasures of immaturity. 


We are strongly addicted to physical pleasures, and to all and foolish distractions the world has to offer.  These obsessions impede soul-development and maturation.


Immaturity of soul presents us with an awful problem: we have no peace.  We experience constant episodes of depression, irritability and restlessness, and all kinds of distress and misery, and numerous prejudices, misunderstandings and mistakes – all of which can degenerate into conflicts, hatred, violence and warfare; and we are also prone to accidents and diseases which eventually lead to death.  However, anyone who strides toward divine maturity (by making the difficult decisions – traveling the straight and narrow path) is blessed; and (if he persists), he eventually experiences inner tranquility, perfect health and peace of mind….  (even if evil men rebuke and condemn.)


He achieves immortality!  (When this happens, what looks like death is merely a passing on, to greater achievements.)   (Matheno described this kind of death as he taught young John, who later became known as the Baptist - chapter 15, vs 3)


After one has achieved the goal of maturity, such a soul can endure physical abuses administered by evil men – without experiencing pain; and can even suffer death at the hands of such evil ones; and can self-resurrect!  (Everyone’s Destiny!) – Jesus was our elder brother, and he showed us that this is possible.  He came to Earth just to show us the possibilities of man. 


He demonstrated how one can use the powers of God (including the power of self-resurrection).  Yet, only a few at a time develop the strength to travel this difficult, straight and narrow path. 


[Judgement day will be a time (soon) when all those who have strived to live according to The Word (living unselfishly and honestly) will be separated from those who have lived selfish, dishonest and evil lives.  The former will be admitted to the Aquarian Age – a kind of school where men and women will learn much, and make great strides toward soul maturity and live in peace; whereas the latter will be barred, and experience cleansing of soul in the purifying fires, and will then be sent on, to incarnate into primitive worlds where there is little chance for enlightenment, and where there are constant misunderstandings, diseases, griefs – and warfare,….and where evil brutes establish governments of iron rule – enforced by the sword. 


There, by the law of karma, they will experience all the evil deeds and words they ever dished out.  Yet, eventually (after eons have passed), these souls will be given new opportunities to choose truth, kindness and righteousness – and the straight and narrow path   …and, ultimately, be redeemed, when another day of judgement happens.] 


All this is possible because God (our Father) owns eternity.  And we are indeed His children – His descendants.


(Jesus described what the world will be like as his return and Judgement Day approach – see chapter 157, vs 21-42)


We desperately want peace, security and serenity, but most of us resist making the difficult decisions that bring us this state of mind (which some spiritual teachers call “nirvana”).  Jesus taught his disciples how to make the important unselfish, difficult decisions, by overcoming the appetites and desires of the body – through fasting, meditation and prayer.  He taught them how to reside in The Silence  (which is deep, prolonged meditation.)


He also taught that: when evil men abuse you, you must make the difficult decision to forgive them.  Instead of seeking retribution (or bringing them into court), he said, “just pray for those who trample on your rights….  they are children at play.  They know not what they do.” 


Many followed his advice, and many attained nirvana.  


Jesus, a mature soul, experienced total inner peace, and no physical suffering – not even during his cruel execution.  Utilizing the divine mind, he was able to block the pain and agony that evil men attempted to inflict.  Furthermore, his foes (immature, irresponsible souls) could not take his life until he handed it over to them.  Then he demonstrated that physical life is transitory: that a completely mature soul has access to divine power, and can thereby experience the brutalist kind of physical death (overcoming fear), and can self-resurrect.


He could do all this, because death is an illusion!  Indeed, all the appetites, passions and desires of the physical body are illusions, and he who overcomes them becomes one with God, and lives forevermore in Christ; and our Father can speak through such men and women.  And these blessed souls can teach immature souls how to overcome our addiction to the physical pleasures, distractions and emotions, and thereby find peace, liberty and tranquility.  


This is how the word of God comes to lost souls.  Some of the lost hear the word and embrace the precious knowledge, and strive to overcome (advancing toward maturity and heavenly tranquility), while others hear the word and scoff, heaping ridicule upon the messengers of truth, and still others become enraged, and seek to kill our Father’s emissaries.


Even these angry evil ones eventually realize, however, that they must change their ways, because we all reside in eternity, and within eternity, each one is given an unlimited number of incarnations, until he finally makes The Decision… thereby embarking on the path to maturity, which eventually and ultimately leads to perfection.


The plan of Salvation is revealed!  (…during these times of Revelations.) 


The Aquarian Gospel (the story of Jesus’ life) explains how all this is possible

During these times of Reveal-ations, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ finally and completely discloses these truths, and much more.  Jesus was a very extraordinary man – so dedicated to love, kindness, honesty, and personal responsibility that his mind and his will became fully synchronized with God’s mind and will. Thus, his soul mingled with the divine spirit (becoming indistinguishable from our Father)  This is soul-maturity.  This is son of God. This is Christ !!


And all of us are destined to achieve this!  Thus, now and forevermore, each of us must do his best, now (and during each subsequent incarnation) until perfection is attained.  The lord said to many, “you may follow me.”  To many others, he did not say “you may follow me.” 


And when asked about the brutality and dishonesty of many priests, judges, senators and presidents (and their cohorts) who oppress the weak and poor, and slaughter truth, decency and liberty, Jesus simply said, “Be not concerned with the governments of men.”… …”just love one another as I have loved you.” …conscious of the fact that, “he who conquers self is freethese men present themselves as just and righteous and thereby they clothe themselves in skins of sheep, while they are vicious wolves.” … “Let all these men alone; they are blind guides; they lead a multitude of people who are blind. The leaders and the led together walk; together they will fall into the yawning pits” (difficult and painful deaths) …and then they will enter the “purifying fires,” where souls are cleansed.  (This purification is excruciating.)


He also said that nothing blights the soul worse than hypocrisy, and therefore, the scorching purification process of the souls of deceptive, evil people (hypocrites) is extremely long in duration, and awfully difficult to endure.  Therefore, he indicated, instead of resenting hypocrites, we should pray for them.


“Lawyers are tumors on the body of the state.” 


The Aquarian Gospel (the story of Jesus’ life) explains how salvation and maturation are possible.



God's Garden


Christ is granted access to all divine powers, and so Jesus was able to instantly cure disease and injury, calm violent storms, and even raise the dead.  He became virtually indistinguishable from God.  And he taught that we too (by following his instructions) can learn to live a holy life, and eventually become adult sons and daughters of God. (His vocation in life was to guide and teach us, his younger brothers and sisters.)


He advised that attaining Christhood is difficult, yet all human beings are capable of this, and indeed, we all (without exception) will eventually achieve this, because of who we are.


We are divine offspring.  We all experience continuous opportunities to achieve divine maturation.  Eventually we all respond appropriately.  Neglect of these opportunities constitutes sin.  And the wages of sin are distress, discord, disease, and all kinds of misery and restlessness (both physical and mental)… and finally death. 


When we stop sinning, we continuously mature, and we gradually enter a very peaceful state of existence, where misery and death are no more.  Thus, the lord said, “He who believes this gospel of the son of man shall never die.”  (Because he who believes is compelled to come up to the feast!)


To summarize, in The Aquarian Gospel, Messiah reveals (to all who can comprehend) this fundamental truth: Within eternity, God is not limited – He can provide each and every divine offspring with an unlimited number of incarnations – until each one finally makes the decision that leads to adulthood of soul – the decision to become kind, honest, gentle, and compassionate (and self-controlled); and to become forgiving of those who are not yet aware that they must make this fundamental decision.


This is the essence of our Father’s plan.  Thus,….


( maturation happens! )




Even the cruelest, evilest, most disgusting brute eventually realizes he has been traveling in the wrong direction, and he (or she) makes the all-important, essential decision, and thereby begins the long, difficult process of turning around. How can this be?...


Jesus clearly stated that our Father never created a heaven or hell for us, but we create our own.  We always reap what we have sown:  whatever one person does to another always rebounds, and eventually the same is done to him.  In this way, we create our own heaven or hell (or a mixture of the two).  This law of Karma never fails. 


They who are always honest, kind and compassionate (creating blessed karma) will find their life filled with these pleasant things; and, if they refrain from selfishness and indulgence, as they perform their daily tasks, they experience heavenly peace and joy; and eventually, they are granted access to information that significantly accelerates soul-development. 


Conversely, evil brutes who steal, harm, kill and make war (creating evil karma) will find their life filled with these awful things.  And this is hell.  And such torment can continue for many incarnations.  And so, “He who takes up the sword shall perish by the sword,” (many times !!) before he finally makes the decision to turn around.  Thus, ancient spiritual teachers described hell as: like being tortured in an everlasting fire.  (These teachers were also aware of the unpleasant purifying fires that selfish souls experience between incarnations.)  Yes, “war is hell,” and he who decides to enter the awful inferno is stuck there for a long, long time.


Jesus explained, however, that there is a way out of hell.  When we forgive mistreatment and wickedness, we make amends for wrongs we once committed (before we learned to become kind, compassionate and forgiving).  On the way to maturity, we must make amends for all the wrongs we ever committed.  Thus, forgiveness must become a habit; and this is how one may find his way out of hell. (Mystics have taught, “Blest are the merciful.”)


It’s no longer a mystery… now we can understand why good people sometimes experience painful, tragic and brutal circumstances.  Karma always comes home.  Some karma travels a short loop and thus may return in only a few months or years.  Some karma is ancient, and has been traveling a great loop for thousands of years.


When evil karma returns to its source, this is that person’s opportunity to make amends – through forgiveness.  However, a person’s free will is never abrogated; and so, one is always free to choose unforgiveness (to retaliate and seek retribution).  One who makes this unfortunate choice has merely dug himself deeper into hell; and he (or she) must wait for new opportunities to make amends (through forgiveness), and thereby begin climbing out of the awful nightmare.


And this is why it is wise to worship our Father.  God extends his mercy to each one of us (in the form of opportunities to make amends) over and over, and over again (eternally !!)… until we finally choose to follow the advice of wise teachers (to forgive all evil deeds).  This is how we make amends.  This is how we are forgiven.  By forgiving those who deliver us our karma, we forgive ourselves!  (And God cannot forgive us until we have forgiven ourselves.  This is His law.)


[When we see an evil brute decapitate a living prisoner in the desert, we need to be aware that we witness one soul receiving old karma – as he receives an opportunity to make amends - through forgiveness, and we simultaneously observe a foolish man create his own evil karma.] 


When evil foes seek to slay maturing souls – Christ’s ambassadors, these blessed teachers are protected by divine powers at their disposal, and not one of them can be killed; unless, like Jesus, one of them hands over his (or her) life to the emissaries of evil.  Such are the dynamics of God’s plan of Salvation.  All the world truly is a stage, and the grand drama (of good vs evil) ultimately results (within eternity) in the salvation and deification of every human spirit. 


But woe to those who have chosen to be evil – and play roles of Evil.  They are condemned to experience an extensive conflagration of unbearable karma (groping about in the darkness of unawareness of karmic dynamics) before they eventually conclude (when their sense of compassion finally emerges) that they must make the essential decision which enables them to eventually work their way out of the inferno, and become good – and play roles of Good (within our Father’s never-ending, eternal dramatic story – within His story… History). 


And now, we can know why some cultures experience constant episodes of warfare and some are more peaceful.  Souls which reside within a karmic hell (of violence, murder and warfare) are often born into the same culture together, and they experience their karma together (as co-combatants, or opposed to one another – on opposite sides of a conflict).   


Peaceful people need to be vigilant. Misery loves company: warlike cultures often try to convince peaceful people to join them in hell. [These emissaries of Evil try various devious ways to convince peaceful men and women to adopt force and violence (the sword) as a way to resolve differences.]


We can now understand why (after a nation has experienced multiple brutal invasions) certain areas, towns and households were untouched by the devastating violence, while others bore the brunt of it.  It all depends on where souls who carry war-karma reside.


And we can now fully understand why Jesus said (after ignorant brutes drove nails into his wrists and feet), “Father, forgive these men; they know not what they do.”  He knew these men were creating terrible karma for themselves, while the priests, scribes, Pharisees and vicious mob (who, together, orchestrated the awful event) created excruciating karma for the Jewish nation (a curse spanning from Masada to Warsaw and Auschwitz, and only recently seems to be finally dissipating). 


[Rejection and murderous abuse of a Messiah creates the harshest kind of karma that can be created.  A Christ is sent into the world only once each 20 centuries.  We can expect to see his return in the flesh sometime this century.  But beware, Jesus warned that near the time of the Christ-announcement, many false prophets and fake christs will appear in many lands, and some will display astounding works, and thus many people (both wise and unwise) will be deceived.  Before the genuine Christ-announcement happens, intense violence and warfare will be rampant.  Yet this sudden, unexpected announcement will mark the end of warfare on Earth, and soon thereafter, Judgment Day will occur.  Prepare.]


[Those judged worthy (those who strove to be honest, kind and compassionate) will be whisked away to a sacred, heavenly school – to learn all about how to accelerate their soul development (and become Christ-like)….  Two man may be asleep; one will be taken and one will be left.  Two women may be at work; one will be snatched away, and the other left.]


Thus, Judgment Day will be a cleaving of the human race.  Half will be taken to the school of Christ, and half will not be admitted.  The unfortunate ones must wait for the next Judgment Day – which will not occur until the ages roll again, and after approximately 14 billion years have elapsed.


Every child of God (even the evilest) eventually recognizes the wisdom in forgiveness, and thus begins climbing out of misery.  Forgiveness is much more valuable than revenge; and this is why an ancient prophet advised people not to pursue punishment of evil men, uttering these words, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” (advising them to just pray for unenlightened perpetrators of evil, and let God’s law of karma provide perfect justice.)  (…and “rejoice not over fallen foes.”)


After a man has finally extricated himself from hell, he can begin climbing the ladder that leads to adulthood of soul (by living a kind and compassionate life and by teaching others “the way”).  Eventually he can be called Son of Man, for he has evolved to perfection – becoming a Son of God (and a perfected woman becomes a Daughter of God).


As God’s very own Children, what else could be our destiny?


Jesus also explained that human perfection is normal, not strange; and we who have not yet achieved soul-maturity are in an abnormal condition (as a result of the fall of man), and the process of regaining our lost estate (and re-establishing perfection) is long and difficult.  Yet we must achieve this salvation.  We have no place else to go. 


[He also challenged the thinking of racial bigotry, and then told a parable designed to explain why God allows human souls to manifest in different colors; and he went on to affirm the equality of all human beings.    See chapters 24 and 25.]


Yes, "Just pray for those who trample on your rights," is the advice Jesus gave to those who would follow him.  And we must "rejoice not over fallen foes," but remember them in our prayers, for they are sure to be given opportunities (as they reap what they have sown) to make better choices (again and again and yet again – eternally) until they finally choose to become kind, forgiving and compassionate – in their long, long trek to perfection (within unbounded eternity). 


Meanwhile, in our own long trek, we must be vigilant not to fall into selfish, sinful ways ourselves, and we can now read the new book of scripture – the sacred text that reveals many secrets which help us along the way.


Jesus entered this world with a clean karmic slate.  His life is our example of human perfection.  He leads the way.  He is our example what all men and women are capable of becoming (and indeed, will become), when each has completed his own long voyage to perfectness.  Miriam (Jesus’ co-laborer) is our example of female perfection.


The Aquarian Gospel contains a very comprehensive account of Jesus’ life (and part of Miriam’s), and this new scripture includes the instructions and commands Jesus gave his disciples (those men and women who recognized his oneness with our Father-God).



One can achieve soul-maturity by following the path Jesus walked, and if you comprehend this, you may be ready to walk the


Return Path to Eden


Be steady.

hear the quiet, silent, still, small voice,

look beyond the misty veil,


walk through, if able.
survey unwavering slender luminous trail,

(path so narrow, straight as an arrow),

stride on, come upon mystery table,
clasp golden cup,

and sup,


Drink from the Holy Grail


the information presented here is more valuable than a vast goldmine, and if you comprehend this, you have been blessed, for you now

sip from the cup of wisdom. most people(of the world) are oblivious to this priceless understanding, and most do not care to know.

who was Jesus the Christ?  He was man, a child of God (as are we), and He had achieved full maturity ---- (adulthood of soul).

He had grown, to become like our Father, all wise, all loving and all powerful, after a great many incarnations of learning.

our Lord said he is simply our elder brother, and by following Him, we too are capable of attaining soul-maturity.

leading the way, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, showed us how we may save ourselves, by overcoming.

we must conquer our addiction to all carnal pleasures and sensuality, as he overcame.

by winning this important victory, we walk the straight and narrow path,

faithfully following the Lord, setting good example.

he who begins walking this mystic trail

soon comes upon a secluded field

and discovers hidden croppings

of a wondrous mine of gold,

and he quickly goes,

 sells all he has,

and acquires

this extra-



acquisition of this awesome meadow symbolizes

perseverance – adherence to the straight and narrow path.

perseverance is essential to attaining the victory; and therefore,

perseverance is the price of profound, unlimited, hidden treasure.


          Are  you  Prepared  to  walk  the  Return  Path  to  Eden ?         .

Preparation requires much fasting!  And long hours of meditation and prayer.  Practice,



Begin your journey well prepared, and don’t look back !!


Unwavering resolve is what we must give in order to obtain the prized quarry – also known as the pearl of greatest price.

What are the benefits of attaining this Victory?  As one draws close, he or she can become aware that the entire physical universe we perceive

is an illusion (a false perception of reality) residing in the human and animal collective consciousness. Jesus won the victory, and by so doing, he

escaped the curse (the energy-field) that binds our minds to the illusion, so that he could perceive true reality – where life is eternal and where there

are no conflicts!  He often said, “You may follow me.”  However, he also advised that following him is like climbing the highest mountain, and one must

well prepare. He gave this solemn advice to his apostles and other followers “Count well the cost before you start to follow me…and don’t look back.”



And this is how we recover from The Fall of Man; each individual must redeem himself.  Christ is a man

who, long ago, redeemed himself, and his task (during his final incarnation 2,000 years ago) was to show us The Way.



God has indeed given us a new book of Scripture:
 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.
Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling

This book is a Silent Trumpet, and it has sounded A Thunderous Silent Blast.

He who can hear, let him hear.
This book is the complete, uncensored, unabridged story of The Life of Christ – finally!

“He who believes this Gospel of the Son of man shall never die,”

and eventually, he or she will inherit all the powers of our Father.
In this sacred book, Jesus and other mystics explain how every person can recover from The Fall of Man.
This Newest Testament is given to us to help us prepare.

It is God’s solution to the dreadful problem of History-revisionism.

The following essay is a book review, based on a 31-year study.

This review is a summary of the book that re-unifies

Judaism and Christianity; and unites all cultures and

traditions, which cherish truth, kindness, peace,

decency and liberty; and clearly explains why

all human beings are God’s Children.
The Aquarian Gospel tells us how to prepare

 for the coming terrible turbulent times,

and Judgment Day.

This book tells us how to overcome.
This precious book is nothing less than
“The Little Book” – described in Revelation 10.
Levi’s sacred transcript discloses many mystical mysteries,
and these disclosures are sweet to consume, but bitter
to digest  (during these times of Revelations)!



An expanded version of this page is available here.


Age of Aquarius



About Karma


Jesus spoke of “the law of recompense that never fails”.  Eastern prophets referred to this law as karma. Simply put, karma is a law that says that whatever one does to any other human being will rebound, and eventually the same thing will be done to him.  For example, the soldier or local ruler who brutalizes, rapes and murders, and then dies of disease or wounds, will eventually incarnate into a situation where he is a member of a group that is despised by some brutal dictator and his cohorts. Jesus often referred to karma by saying, “He who wields the sword shall perish by the sword.”  Many other aspects of karma are discussed in this website page.